5-8 April, Sydney Australia
The Call to Battle - Joshua Conference 2017...Click Here

10-13 April, Manila, Philippines
28th National Prayer Gathering...Click Here

17-19 April, Manila, Philippines
National Youth Prophetic Conference...Click Here

21-22 April, Manila, Philippines
National Women's Prophetic Conference " Miriam, Anna, Deborah"
...Click Here

22 April, Chennai, India
Partners Prayer Metting ...Click Here

27 - 29 April, Lancaster CA, USA
Midean Women Prophetic Convention...Click Here

30 April - 4 May, Chennai, India
Malak Kutties Prophetic Camp 2017
..Click Here

4-6 May, Chennai, India
Arnion Martyrs International Convention
..Click Here

11-13 May, Nairobi, Kenya
Midean Women's Conference ...Click Here

29 May - 3 June,
Cairo, Mt Sinai Egypt
4 - 9 June, Jerusalem Israel
Open Heavens Prophetic Conference 2017...Click Here

25-27 June, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Triumph & Regin - Securing Vistory in Christ
...Click Here

28-29 June, Ipoh Malaysia
Ipoh Leadership Semina and Revival meetings.
...Click Here