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I have been suffering from severe respiratory disorder for more than two weeks. I have so much difficulty in breathing, especially during the night. I asked you to pray for this healing. Yes, God has healed me and delivered me wonderfully, from this respiratory disorder. Thank you so much for interceding for me in your prayer.
Saranya Sharon, Chennai, India.

Thanks and praise to our Almighty God because of all our prayers that have been heard and answered.  It was with a heavy burden that I wrote to you regarding the report I received about the mammogram.  It clearly stated they have detected micro calcifications in both my breasts and was a concern by the doctor who is treating me.  I was requested to undergo a detailed scan to confirm whether it was another cancer being formed. Our Living God answered all our prayers and gave us the victory.  The scan showed nothing and was a normal report. I thank you for praying on my behalf. Many thanks for your fervent prayers.
Mrs. Jerome Philips, Thimbirigasyaya, Sri Lanka.


I was unemployed for a year in Dubai and I was asked to pray for my job through mail. By God's Grace, I got a job in Qatar and it's going well. It’s my pleasure to inform you that I got job and I praise our Lord Jesus Christ.
Joseph Dinesh, Qatar, Dubai.

I have sent the prayer request for a job. Finally, God gave me a job in a bank. thank you for your prayers. Praise the Lord.
Daniel Raj, India.

I sent a mail to you to pray for my Job. I was praying for a good job, God by His grace helped me to start my own business in UAE in the name "Berakhah Software Solutions". I thank you for all your prayer and Support.
Infancia Jenifer, U.A.E.

As I have asked you to pray for my last round of interview, I was indeed worried like how will I be able to compete with these people again? Then I got your mail, you had replied "faith in God is our victory" amen, I prayed with confidence. Among those 48 candidates 6 were selected.  Among that 6 people I'm one of them. This is definitely by the grace of God.
Vinishya Kumar, Bangalore, India.


My second son Charles Rohan wrote his II PU board exams. Before his exams I wrote an email of Prayer Request to Jesus Ministries and prayed for him to write his exam well. He received his results and he has scored good percentage (Physics-100%, Chemistry-94%, Electronics-95%, Maths-82%, English-90%, Kannada-86%). I render my hearty & prayerful thanks to the Lord for hearing your prayers.
Anthrose Parimala, Bangalore, India.

My company announced that my job and role is ending very soon and another option was looking bleak. I was pushed out of the HR department and almost had to leave my company. I was growing anxious with the passage of time. The miracle is, I just finished making my payment to your ministries and at the very next second the authority from the department [which I was waiting for the job confirmation] said that my job has been retained, in the same company, although under a new role. All glory only to our God
Manoj, Bangalore, India.

I had sent a prayer request about my son. Thank you so much for praying for my son Joshua. He is now to going back to school and he is now settled. Thank you.
Ms. Almira V. Mercado, Chicago, USA.

I received a reply from you with very encouraging words. As you said, really an amazing miracle happened in my life. I have passed my CA final exam. All thanks to our almighty God Jesus Christ alone. He changed my life in a second. All glory and honor to Our Lord.
Daisy, India.

I had sent for a prayer request for my daughter’s G.C.A/L Government exam. She obtained good marks in her exams. Thank you God and Brother Sadhu that God heard your prayers. Praise our God.
Krishnaveni, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

I would like to share my testimony with you. Few days back I had requested you to pray for my exam result. It was released recently and I passed with first class marks and I thank you and our God who heard yours and my prayer and has done miracle in my Life.                               
Antony Leo, Bangalore. India.


I have reviewed the prayer which you have prayed for me and I really felt God's presence when I lifted my hands. Thank you so much. I felt a new strength in me. The words in your prayer which says “that make them depressed" struck me because this has been happening lately, a lot of things in my mind and in my heart made me depressed. 
Genebe, Marawi, Philippines

I have received your reply. Thank you for your prayers. I followed your instructions and knelt down and prayed.  Since then, I have slept well and the negative thoughts are gone. My faith is back and I have been repenting of my sins.  I can't believe you actual pray for us given your busy schedules. The Holy Spirit directed me to your website and I can't believe you actually pray for those who are in need. Thank you.
Yenni Sun, Texas, USA. 

Break Through

I had written a mail to you with a heavy heart requesting prayer for a financial breakthrough. I had not only received a reply from Sadhu Sir which was very encouraging and lifted up my spirit, I have also received the breakthrough from God. The Lord helped me get a new placement in my job as a doctor which is meeting my financial need. God gave me favor.
Dr. Vidya, Hyderabad, A.P, India.


I requested to you to pray for my visa approval. God has done it! I got my visa! It is a true miracle in my life, my whole family is shocked, and people around me are getting shocks too! How come the embassy can give a person visa without bank statement. It is a [very] true living example of the Almighty’s works- a miracle in my life.
Ronald Lawrence, Rennes France.

Great is the peace and joy that overflows over me as I receive your prayer response. Mark, my son-in-law has a positive reaction to all my sharing of what God is doing, more than ever before. You have mentored me in your many teachings as we watch your many conferences, videos, CD's, and read some of your books.  You are a blessing to my life, as I see the Lord Jesus in you.
Juliet, California, USA.

Marriage Restored

I really appreciate your prayers for my family. My husband has agreed to stay married to me, which is a wonderful answer to prayer.
- Elizabeth Wolstencroft, Hong Kong

Preserved Lives

I wrote to you for a miracle for my niece and my mum last year. Thank you for praying for them. Through your prayers, God miraculously preserved their lives.
- Shan-mei Tseng, Taiwan


Brother Sadhu, you prayed for my mother to come out of a mental hospital and the next day she told us that a dark cloud left her mind and she was able to think clearly and wanted to come home - up to that point she did not want to come home. God is truly a prayer answering God.
- Toula Limnios, Australia

New Tenant

Some time ago I wrote a prayer request for God's guidance as I was seeking a tenant for my apartment. I would like to inform that God has indeed answered the prayer as I managed to find, with the help of an agent, a short-term tenant for the apartment within a short time. Praise God.
- Wong Chee Fatt, Singapore


Thank you very much for your email dated August 24, 2000. The prayer pacted e-mail came powerfully to us all as a family. When I received it, I went on my knees on the side of the computer in my office and prayed in agreement the same prayer you had prayed. After that I experienced peace in my troubled heart. I then carried the same email to my house and when I entered the house, my husband and the children were watching the T.V. I kindly asked them to put off the T.V. and let us join hands and repeat the prayer that you had made in agreement which we did and after which everybody commented of feeling peace in their hearts. This was the first miracle because the situation in which we were and the surrounding was such that peace was not possible. All glory and honor goes to our Father through Jesus Christ who enabled you to intercede on our behalf. As a result of that intercession I now have a small shop ( Coca-Cola Kiosk ) in a prime area. Praise the Lord!
- Theresa Alela, Kenya

Thank you for praying for my wife's heart problem. The Lord has intervened and cleared blockage in her artery and also healing haematoma from the incision site. We are very grateful. Her ear condition has improved substantially since I asked you to pray for my wife 2 years ago. We are looking forward to seeing the day of complete healing and the deliverance from this sickness.
- Christopher Yim, USA

A year ago, I wrote to you concerning drastic weight loss due to glucose intolerance. I had gained back my weight without any treatment and I believed I am healed.
- Tan Peck Bee, Singapore

I was suffering from a tumour in my brain. I participated in the Youth Conference where you were speaking. When you were praying for the sick, I too prayed much asking the Lord to heal me. Praise God, I received healing for my body. Subsequent medical check revealed no signs of tumours in my brain. I give God the glory.
- Arup Bista, Darjeeling, India

I was suffering much from arthritis and came to see you for prayers. You prayed and rebuked it. After the prayers, the swelling in my legs subsided. I praise God for the healing.
- Miss Anju Lepcha , Bombay, India


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