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My husband had been suffering from diabetes for the past 10 years. For months both of his legs would swell and he also had wounds and pain in his legs. I called many times so that he can go to the hospital but he was adamant and would not go. So, I requested for you to pray for his healing. I wrote the promise verse that Jesus Ministries had sent me on four papers and stuck it in the four different places that my husband use to see frequently. He read the promise and I also repeated saying the promise. Now he is completely healed. His legs have become normal. This is the miracle from the promise given by His prophet.
Deva vijila, Kanya kumari, India.

I have been suffering from back pain which seemed to be a kidney problem, along with chest pains. I have no money for hospitalization, so I believed God for divine healing. I wrote and sent in the mail, a prayer request. I am so grateful for your prayers and that now I have been set free! The Lord has delivered me and made me to know my problem, making the devil crippled of his devices against me.
Paul John Casaljay Guansing, Bulacan, Phillipines.

I sent a prayer request to pray for deliverance in my personal life. Our God heard your prayer and delivered me from the addictions in my life. I felt the presence of our Lord Jesus, it felt so sweet and His love assured me of my deliverance.
Ramesh Biswa, Springfield, US.

I wrote to you seeking prayers for my son to do his exams, as they are very difficult. We asked God to transform him miraculously for he was not showing interest in studies even though God has given him a lot of capabilities being an Autistic child. We have to make sure he is prepared and if he does not show any interest it becomes very tough and adds on to our anxiety. He kept saying, after studying only a little, that it was enough and wants to enjoy that rest of the day. However, I want to testify that God answered my request through your prayer. Now my son’s class six results and he has secured rank with 96.4% aggregate. It was a miracle that my son, with all limitation due to autistic tendencies, competed with normal children and overtook them. All Glory and Honor be to Him only.
Manoj Kumar KC, Chennai, India.

I was struggling from stomach ulcers. At that time, I sent in a prayer request to pray for my healing. By your fervent prayers I’m healed completely.
Patricia Edwards, Lancashir, United kingdom.

We initially bought a house of RM 130,000 under a bank loan. As my father's monthly payment is not consistent, adding up with dues and interest charges, it's already up to RM 181,000. I didn’t know what to do as I could not help by applying for other loans. We didn’t want to lose this house, as it is the only asset we have. I asked you to pray that our needs would be met. After receiving your email, I immediately wrote a letter to the Founder of the bank. Less than a week later, we received good news that the Founder had agreed to a discount. Now everything is settled. Praise God! The officer in charge told us that this miracle has never happened before as the Founder of the bank has not approved this much of a discount. Secondly, our house was already in the auction status for 3 years back but God 'held' it. Here in Malaysian law, once the house is already in the auction status, no matter what, you roll or crawl, you will never get your house. But we have such a faithful God. Thank you so much Lord Jesus and also for your fervent prayers.
Jaya Barathy Sagaran, Sitiawan, Malaysia.

I had requested that you pray for me to pass in all my school subjects without having to repeat them. I want to thank God and Jesus Ministries for all your prayers, for I passed all my exams, which were so hard, but God helped me.
Upendochimwezi, Blantyre, Malawi.

 I have requested you to pray for my husband to get a job. I want to let you know that my husband got a job. Thank you so much for praying for us. I can truly see the hand of God in my husband obtaining his job. The burden that was almost crushing us down has been removed. As Prophet Sadhu said, God indeed has done according to His word: Your destroyers and those who laid you waste shall go away from you (Isa 49:17). 
Ann Mary Jose, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

I wrote a prayer request because my children were being taken away by social services and for a court case concerning them. Thank God and also Jesus Ministries for your prayers because my children were returned back to my family and the charges against me were dropped. Praise God.
Dami Sanyaolu, Midlothian, United Kingdom.

I sent a prayer request regarding our permanent residence and some other things we needed prayer for.  I want to say thank you so much for helping me in praying to the Lord about my permanent residence application here in Canada and for my Husband’s medical issue. Praise the loving Heavenly Father for your availability to be used by God to ready His people.  
Sheryl Anne Domingo, Canada.

I was watching the prophetic conference on Angel TV, and God called me by my name and gave me a message about a dream which I had last night that made me very afraid.  Now I’m delivered from that nightmare.
Priyanka Velayutham, Puttalam, Srianka.

My daughter had food poisoning which causes vomiting and diarrhea. She went to the clinic and was given tablets, but they did not work. The doctor advised her to be admitted in the hospital. It was found to be viral infection. In this condition I asked for pray for her speedy recovery and a special touch from the Lord by sending a request in the mail. My daughter was healed miraculously, she is fine now by the grace of God. Earlier I have messaged you to pray for a suitable life partner for her, and she has found a God fearing life partner and her marriage has been fixed. I give glory to God. I thank you for your prayers for me and my family once again.
Ayah Torey, Malaysia.

I had a problem in my uterus. Doctor said that it is not possible to give birth in a natural way, and that I would have to have an operation. I asked you to pray for my Healing and that I would have a healthy uterus. Now, I want to testify that Our Lord has heard your prayer. When I went in for a rescan, the scan report was normal and also there was no problem in my uterus. I thank you for your prayer support.
Udaya dharagai, India.

I asked your prayer support for a safe delivery since there were many complications in my pregnancy. The Lord heard your fervent prayer and He helped me to deliver the baby safe and sound. Praise God and thank you so much for interceding for me in your prayers.     
Felicia Paul Gideon, Nebraska, USA.

I requested you to pray for my son to get job. By God’s grace he got a job and now he is going to work. I thank you so much for praying my son and me. Thank God for His blessings.
Fauzia, Chennai, India.

I sent a prayer request to you for my healing. After a few days I was at work when I received a reply email. I started reading and was instructed by that letter to kneel down and pray the prayer which was prayed for me. I did, I knelt down and prayed. Immediately that day, I was healed. I thank God for His mercy.           
Nadia Samuels, New York, USA.

I sent a prayer request to pray for my education loan issue, for I was under pressure to repay my loan quickly. The loan amount was 2.25 lakhs, but I did not have enough money to settle back the loan amount in the bank. The Lord has heard your prayer that you have prayed for me, and before the due date the Lord helped me to pay all the money and closed my education loan account.
Suriya, TamilNadu, India.

I requested that you pray for my husband that he will find a new job within two months after he received notice from his current company. Thank you so much for your prayers for the Lord granted our petition. Within a few days his company sent a letter that they would reinstate his job. Thank God and His prophet Sadhu
Harriet tidalgo Canedo, Doha, State of Qatar.

I was suffering from MDR tuberculosis and I unable to breathe. I sent a prayer request about my condition .Thank God He heard our prayer and touched my body. Now I can easily take my breath, I have no more cough, and I feel good, with strength in my body. Thank you so much for this Healing Ministry.
Eemoh Thumma, Mumbai, India.

My mother has been admitted to the hospital because of a breathing difficulty. The doctor said that her lungs had too much carbon dioxide and not enough oxygen. So, I asked you to pray for her lungs to function perfectly and take in oxygen and discard the carbon dioxide. God has heard our prayer. Now my mother has been cured. I thank and praise God.            
 Philomena, Seremban, Malaysia.

I sent a prayer request for my father’s sickness. Our good God has heard your prayer and my father is completely healed. We give hearty thanks to our Lord Jesus.
Mohan kumar, Dandeli, India.

We are pleased to inform you that all of the prayer requests have all been answered by our Lord Jesus. He gave us a daughter and He gave us a Home where we have a house church located at the ground floor. The house He gave us has many rooms. We are also pleased to have listened to your messages in YouTube. They helped us in preparing for this end time season. The mother of our family has received the Miriam anointing of singing in the Spirit and the gift of tongues with new songs daily to praise and worship the Lord. 
Jose Maria sembarno, Singapore.

My son was suffering severely from dengue fever and he was totally bedridden. I sent an offering of Rs.2000 along with a prayer request. Our God has heard your fervent prayer, my son was completely healed from dengue. Thank you for your prayer supports in our critical time.
M.Selvaraj Abraham, Tirunelveli, India.

I had sent an offering along with a prayer request. I had been working as a temporary officer on a monthly contract and for years I had been praying for permanent contract and also praying for a new job. To my surprise, on the very same day that I sent my offering, an organization contacted my supervisor saying that I was one of the top candidates for that permanent position. I want to share the good news with you that I have signed the contract with that organization and it is a permanent position. With all my heart, I want to say thank you Jesus Ministries and thank you so much for praying for me Man of God, Prophet Sadhu. Your Ministry has been a great source of blessing for me and my family
Sainiana, Australia.

I sent prayer request for my brother to get a job. God has blessed him with a good job in Bahrain. Thank God and Thank you for your prayer.
Naveen Oliver, Udupi, India.

I attended the MIDEAN conference which was held in Nairobi, Kenya. When the man of God called us in front to pray for everyone who was stirred up in spirit I was filled with Holy Spirit and I received word from God and a powerful anointing. I thank God for this man of God and I Praise God for bringing Prophet Sadhu to our nation
Bindhu Vedanayagam, Kenya.

I’m regular viewer of Angel TV. I asked for prayer for the sale and settlement of my property which has been facing hindrances since 2015. Our Lord almighty has answered our prayers in the most miraculous way and solved my financial needs. All praise to Jesus
AnneReji, Chennai, India.

My husband had been jobless for about five years. During this time, I used to read testimonies of people who were blessed after donating an offering to Angel TV. By faith we donated 100 Euros. The very next day he got phone call from a new company which said that they had a job for him. We are so happy. Praise God!
Ines Freidenberger, Austria.

I have been working in IITM as a Junior Engineer for the past fifteen years. In IIT, they called for Assistant Engineer post, but due to high politics, I was not selected. Later, I was nominated for the best outstanding award for non-teaching staff. But, in that too, I was not selected and I was so depressed. In this stage I asked for prayer to get rid all of my depression and for my job issues. Now, I got an Assistant Engineer promotion by the grace of Jesus and I give my heartfelt thanks to you for your prayers.          
Roslin Rajah Singh, Adyar, India.


I have been suffering from severe respiratory disorder for more than two weeks. I have so much difficulty in breathing, especially during the night. I asked you to pray for this healing. Yes, God has healed me and delivered me wonderfully, from this respiratory disorder. Thank you so much for interceding for me in your prayer.
Saranya Sharon, Chennai, India.

Thanks and praise to our Almighty God because of all our prayers that have been heard and answered.  It was with a heavy burden that I wrote to you regarding the report I received about the mammogram.  It clearly stated they have detected micro calcifications in both my breasts and was a concern by the doctor who is treating me.  I was requested to undergo a detailed scan to confirm whether it was another cancer being formed. Our Living God answered all our prayers and gave us the victory.  The scan showed nothing and was a normal report. I thank you for praying on my behalf. Many thanks for your fervent prayers.
Mrs. Jerome Philips, Thimbirigasyaya, Sri Lanka.


I was unemployed for a year in Dubai and I was asked to pray for my job through mail. By God's Grace, I got a job in Qatar and it's going well. It’s my pleasure to inform you that I got job and I praise our Lord Jesus Christ.
Joseph Dinesh, Qatar, Dubai.

I have sent the prayer request for a job. Finally, God gave me a job in a bank. thank you for your prayers. Praise the Lord.
Daniel Raj, India.

I sent a mail to you to pray for my Job. I was praying for a good job, God by His grace helped me to start my own business in UAE in the name "Berakhah Software Solutions". I thank you for all your prayer and Support.
Infancia Jenifer, U.A.E.

As I have asked you to pray for my last round of interview, I was indeed worried like how will I be able to compete with these people again? Then I got your mail, you had replied "faith in God is our victory" amen, I prayed with confidence. Among those 48 candidates 6 were selected.  Among that 6 people I'm one of them. This is definitely by the grace of God.
Vinishya Kumar, Bangalore, India.


My second son Charles Rohan wrote his II PU board exams. Before his exams I wrote an email of Prayer Request to Jesus Ministries and prayed for him to write his exam well. He received his results and he has scored good percentage (Physics-100%, Chemistry-94%, Electronics-95%, Maths-82%, English-90%, Kannada-86%). I render my hearty & prayerful thanks to the Lord for hearing your prayers.
Anthrose Parimala, Bangalore, India.

My company announced that my job and role is ending very soon and another option was looking bleak. I was pushed out of the HR department and almost had to leave my company. I was growing anxious with the passage of time. The miracle is, I just finished making my payment to your ministries and at the very next second the authority from the department [which I was waiting for the job confirmation] said that my job has been retained, in the same company, although under a new role. All glory only to our God
Manoj, Bangalore, India.

I had sent a prayer request about my son. Thank you so much for praying for my son Joshua. He is now to going back to school and he is now settled. Thank you.
Ms. Almira V. Mercado, Chicago, USA.

I received a reply from you with very encouraging words. As you said, really an amazing miracle happened in my life. I have passed my CA final exam. All thanks to our almighty God Jesus Christ alone. He changed my life in a second. All glory and honor to Our Lord.
Daisy, India.

I had sent for a prayer request for my daughter’s G.C.A/L Government exam. She obtained good marks in her exams. Thank you God and Brother Sadhu that God heard your prayers. Praise our God.
Krishnaveni, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

I would like to share my testimony with you. Few days back I had requested you to pray for my exam result. It was released recently and I passed with first class marks and I thank you and our God who heard yours and my prayer and has done miracle in my Life.                               
Antony Leo, Bangalore. India.


I have reviewed the prayer which you have prayed for me and I really felt God's presence when I lifted my hands. Thank you so much. I felt a new strength in me. The words in your prayer which says “that make them depressed" struck me because this has been happening lately, a lot of things in my mind and in my heart made me depressed. 
Genebe, Marawi, Philippines

I have received your reply. Thank you for your prayers. I followed your instructions and knelt down and prayed.  Since then, I have slept well and the negative thoughts are gone. My faith is back and I have been repenting of my sins.  I can't believe you actual pray for us given your busy schedules. The Holy Spirit directed me to your website and I can't believe you actually pray for those who are in need. Thank you.
Yenni Sun, Texas, USA. 

I want to share this amazing testimony as to how the Almighty God has heard our fervent prayers after I wrote a letter to you about my mother who has been longing for a healing for good health.  It was her heart, she was bedridden in a hospital but now we have felt the touch of God.  The doctors said that there is nothing wrong with her heart and everything is fine with her heart and  it’s functioning very well, better than ever before.
Rebecca Jayakumaran, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

It has been since two years that I have been praying for a child and I sent an email for the blessings of a child. Now the Lord has blessed me and I want to testify. Jesus Christ answered ours prayers. Now I’m pregnant by the grace of our Glorious Father.
Roslyn, Pune, India.

It's been three years since I got married and I was not blessed with a child. I sent a prayer request for this blessing. Our Lord Jesus Christ has heard our prayers and now I am blessed, I have conceived.
Evangeline Nithyanabiya, Bahrain.

I want you to know of my prayer requests for my niece who was suffering from acute kidney disease and hematuria. We needed a miracle for her healing. So we asked help to pray for her. By the precious blood of Jesus Christ the healing of my niece was granted. She is now healed, cleared from acute kidney disease and hematuria. Hallelujah!
Marissa Gregorio, Manila, Philippines.

I am very pleased to announce to you about my nephew who had only three weeks to live and got admitted to the hospital with high rate heartbeat.  So I sent an email to you, to pray for him. His heart came back to normal beat. The Lord has heard our prayer request and when his heart beat turned to normal, the doctor said ‘It’s a miracle’, and it was so unbelievable, but Jesus did heal him in supernatural way.
Aroonassalon Pooshpavadee, Port Louis, Mauritius.

In my great distress, I felt lonely because of my family’s situation and my mother’s abnormal condition led me to sorrow. When I finally came to a point that there was no one to comfort me, [only then] I decided that it is better if somebody could pray for me. So I sent an email about my supplications to Jesus Ministries. Our Almighty God answered our prayers. With the grace of our beloved Father and in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ my marriage has been fixed.
Shwetha, Bangalore, India.

I had sent a prayer request to you to pray for my SSLC Exams. Because of your prayer I have passed in the first class. I would like to give my hearty thanks to you and Angel TV.
Joseph Pavan, Tamilnadu, India.

My children and I were blessed by the Martyrs convention. The worship was really a great blessing. Even when I wake up in the mornings now, I can hear the songs in my ears. It is very nice. After a long time, it is only now that I suddenly feel like a child and I have started jumping and dancing and worshiping God. I do feel relieved as if I got great freedom in my spirit. It is such a joyful experience that I am going through now.
Kezia Mathews, Dubai.

Just before my SSLC public exam, I had experienced severe headaches which had prolonged for two months. I sent an email to you for prayers.  As a result, I was able to write my exam well. It’s amazing as to how during the exams, I had no headache. God gave me 486 marks out of 500 in my exams in spite of that weakness.
A.S.Rohit, Tamilnadu, India.
I was searching for a job. Then I had sent you an email for a prayer request about this situation. After few days, I got job with a good salary package as to what I had expected.
Sonia Nadar, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

My family went through hard times, one of which was my sister who got low medical results in her public exams, so that it was impossible to get a Government medical seat [i.e. to get a seat in a government Medical College.]  I was very worried about my 10th ICSE exams too. I wasn’t really prepared.  At that time, we attended the Angel TV Fasting Prayer. During the prayer session, God spoke to us. Thereafter, the Lord did miracles in our lives. These are the miracles- He helped me, secure 91.67% in the ICSE exam in which, it’s a great thing to get even 85%. And also in the medical application, my sister got a government medical seat in the 7th top government medical college in Tamilnadu. That is amazing!
Jeyasri, Ramanathapuram, Tamilnadu, India.

I failed my B.Com exams, 3 times. So I asked for your prayers regarding my exams. God answered my earnest prayers and granted me success in my exams with 77% marks. 
Supriya Gopalan, Kottayam, Kerala, India.

I requested you to pray for my exams because I failed in five subjects in my Bachelor degree. God answered my sincere prayers and His favor is upon me. Now I have passed in my exams.
Michael Francis, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India.

I had written an email to you regarding my job search. By the grace of God and your precious prayer I have got a job.
Vanchi Devadoss, Bangalore, India.

I had sent a prayer request to you, to pray for my IELTS exams. The Lord answered your prayers and I got favor in examiner’s eyes during speaking test and also I passed my IELTS exams. Thanks for your prayers.
Donabel M.Rollon, Philippines       

My sister was hospitalized and she struggled for life as her lungs and kidneys were not responding to any medicine. I had requested you to pray for healing, The Lord healed my sister by your prayer and she is out of danger. Now everything is normal.
Lionel Georgre, Dhofar, Oman.

I had requested you to pray about my studies in Japan. God answered your prayers and miraculously opened the door for me and I got the scholarship. Now I’m studying in Japan. It is a big miracle as I’m the first in my family to travel outside the continent of Africa. Praise GOD.
Zelma Atis, Kenya.

I would like to thank God for healing me, I was HIV positive and I also had a knee problem but Jesus healed me. I thank God and I bless his name for the work of the Cross. Thanks for your prayer support.
Nomsa Lehlogonolo, Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa.

I was in a need of Rs.1,44,000 to pay my rent advance. I had asked you to pray over my financial problem. Our Lord of all Riches heard answered your prayers and, suddenly my cousin sister rang me up and told me that she will give Rs.2,00,000 as a gift to me. Thank you for your prayers.
Sebastianpillai Camilad, Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I requested you to pray for me to get my Canadian visa. You too prayed for me. God heard your prayer and I got the Canadian visa. Thanks for your prayer. Praise God.
Suguna, Bangkok

My wife conceived and that ended in miscarriage after 6 weeks.  So I asked you to pray for us. God heard your prayer and blessed us with a girl baby in normal delivery.
Daniel Stanislaus, Houston, USA.

My 2 brothers didn’t get job. So I requested you to pray. God amazingly gave jobs for my 2 brothers.
Nkem Felicia, Rivers state, Nigeria.

My son suffered from skin problem, so we consulted the doctor but the rashes worsened.  Then I asked for your prayers. God healed my son completely by hearing your fervent prayer.
Jennifer Patterson, Bangalore, India.

We asked for your prayer regarding the sale of our land. By your fervent prayer, God favored us and we sold that site for a good price.
Shrine Christina, Kolar, Karnataka, India.

I requested your prayer help regarding my prometric exam to work in Qatar. By your fervent prayer, God made me to pass in my exam. Praise the lord. Thanks for your prayer.
Shanthi Jennifer, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

I requested your prayers to restore the life of a brother who is living as a tenant in my home, because he was hospitalized in coma stage. God answered your prayers and restored his life, and also he returned home with full deliverance. I would like to thank GOD.
Sheela Mary, Chengalpattu, Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu, India

I requested your prayer for my job. God heard your fervent prayer and granted me a good job with a post of associate professor.
Boselin Prabhu, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India.

I got married before 6 years. I asked you to pray for the blessing of my womb. God heard your fervent prayers and blessed me. I’m in third month of pregnancy with twins. Lord Jesus fulfilled His promise of double blessing.
Reena, Vellore, Tamilnadu, India.

After completing my M.E., i didn't get any job for 2 years. So I requested your prayer for my job. By your keen prayers God has given me a good job. Praise God
Elakkiya, Thanjavur, Tamilnadu, India.

I applied for a home loan for the construction of my house. But we faced delay in loan sanctioning and the construction work was stopped. So I requested for your prayers. The very next day of your prayer, the loan got sanctioned.
Srikanth, Bangalore, India.

I requested you to pray for my brother-in-law to get released from jail. By your prayer, God did that and protected us from all kinds of trouble. Thank you for your fervent prayer.
Roshni Arun, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

I requested for your prayer regarding the growth of my brother’s business. After your prayer, God really blessed the business within a month. Now the business is going really well.
Amali Margaret, Hosur, Tamilnadu, India.

I requested for your prayer about my job since I worked on contract basis in a MNC. By hearing your fervent prayer, God helped me to become a permanent employee and increased my salary.
Priyadharshini Ganesan, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India.

I asked for your prayer about my jobless problem from past 2 years. By your prayer Lord gave me a good job in IT Company.
Suthakar, Tuticorin, Tamilnadu, India.

Doctors told my baby's heart beat was low, my wife and myself were very much worried about this. Then I asked you to pray for my child. However the doctors kept on telling this and increasing the fear in us. But by God’s grace, my wife had a normal delivery and we are blessed with a beautiful healthy girl baby. All Glory to God.
Rajesh Kumar, India.

After reading the book "Women Are Special to God”, I’m blessed and strengthened very much. While reading, I could feel Mighty Anointing of Holy Spirit every time and the Lion of Judah was with me.
Retheka Raj, Bangalore, India.

During the meeting when you asked us to stand up and lift up our hands and worship GOD Almighty, when you said the power of god will come upon you and your right hand will start to shake, same happened to me. Glory to God.
Ayoub desta, Hilliard, USA

I was in need of a buyer to come forward and buy my old house or else I would lose my 2500000 dollars deposit on my new house and that I would also lose the new house. I had requested you to pray for this. I am happy to tell you that someone came forward on Sunday night and made an offer for the house. So as I write to you the house is conditionally sold. This is a miracle because our house has been on the market for 76 days unsold and suddenly a committed buyer appeared from nowhere. To God be the glory for ever and ever.
Michael Odetola, Calgary, Canada

Praise the LORD for the answered prayer. I'm working now with the public school system in our community. Thank you for the intercessory prayer. 
Manny Magno, Maryland, U.S.A.

I was watching your video on you tube, after which I went to my youngest sister's room and asked her to pray for Lord Jesus to come into my heart, my sister started praying with much burden, sobbing and speaking in tongues rebuking, I could feel Holy Spirit groaning for me, I opened my eyes and I saw the most magnificent, radiant face with a lovely firm smile. It was Lord Jesus. Then, Lord Jesus wiped my tears from both of my cheeks, stroked my head, firmly held my chin, hugged me and comforted me. That day, I came to know, how much Lord Jesus loves me that He came in person to comfort me. All Thanks, Praise and Honor to our King, Lord Yeshua.
Kezia Matthews, Dubai

The Lord Jesus did a miracle for me, after a time and with much long-suffering God has blessed me with so much favor. I sent a prayer request to Jesus Ministries about my Canadian Visa, as I was waiting to be united with my wife again—which has been a very difficult process. Praise be to God the Father, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit! I am finally reunited with my wife now!
 Mr. Eduardo Ambi Bulaga, Philippines.

went to the doctor, and after a blood checkup I came to know that I had a thyroid problem. The doctor said I would have to take a small tablet daily, half an hour before breakfast. I really didn’t want to surrender myself to tablets—so, I sent in a prayer request. You prayed and sent a letter. My doctor got surprised, Hallelujah I’m healed!!
Mrs. Nancy Hastings. India.

I would like to thank Prophet Sadhu for allowing you to be used by God to touch my life. After receiving your email and prayer, I started to see changes in my life and my family. I'm more peaceful in my heart, all that worrying and stress is gone, even my family is more peaceful and we spend most of our time talking about God. My prayer life was dead but now it's revived. I find myself even sacrificing to spend time with God, it's like I have a new desire and hunger for God.
Phindi Lebusho, South Africa.

I had been so anxious about my 12th result, but the Lord Jesus Christ has lifted my head above others by giving 1182 marks and District First Rank in Kanyakumari. I have glorified the name of the only true living God and every honor and praise belong only to the Lord Jesus Christ. I have sent a prayer request and you have replied with the bible verse Psalms 72:12. Thank you so much Grandpa for your blessed and loving prayers.
Jevis Rich, Kanyakumari, India.

After I started continuously reading the book A ROSE FOR JESUS some lines touched me.
“If you can come to that state of absolute openness then you have become Bride-Wife.”
On that night I had a dream. I was standing at the head of an operating table looking at myself as I laid on the table. My chest and my abdomen were opened before God and the Lord Jesus who was dressed in surgical attire. They were removing bits and pieces of black trash from my heart and soul which had been built up from my sin. My heart and soul were being cleansed by God. Thank you for this wonderful book.
L. Mark Thomasson, India.

I sent a prayer request regarding problems at my work place. By the grace of God all of the problems are now solved in my office. Thank you so much.
Mr. Karthikeyan Muscut, Oman.

For the past three years I have been suffering from nerve weakness. I consulted a neurologist and he told me that I would be on medication for the next two years. Before consulting a doctor I wrote to Jesus Ministries and I asked you to pray to God for my health so that I can stop taking the medication completely. Two years later, the doctor gave me medicine and said to take it for the next 3 months, then I can stop the medication completely. Our Living God had done a great miracle in my Life.
Hana Priya, Andhrapradesh, India.

I was having pain in my stomach on the side, going towards my heart—and at the back. It seemed like I would have to go for in for an operation and I didn’t want to go. I needed God to heal me supernaturally. I emailed you about the problems I had. One morning, around 6 am after praying as I was waiting on God, I saw an angel with branches in his hand and he hit me on the side of my stomach and the pain disappeared, then the angel vanished.  I thank God and thank you so much for your prayer.
Rev. Arthur Lumko, Gauteng, South Africa.

I belong to a Hindu family; I saw your program in Raj TV GUNAMMAKUM ANBU and prayed. Suddenly I felt a brightness on to my face like rays, and a beautiful tall person in a white colour dress blessed, smiled, and touched on me, my wife and my daughter. I was blanched and cooled after that incident. We were frustrated before seeing the Lord but not now, we repent.
Mrs. Bakyalakshmi Balachander,India.

I have asked for you to pray for my friend Kavitha who couldn't conceive for 5 years. God has answered your prayer, my friend has conceived and she is three months pregnant. She believes that the Lord Jesus has given her this child. Praise be to God.
Ms. Jessica Rajesh, Texas, United States.

I was in a financial crisis with a debt of over 20 million Kenya Shillings. Thank you for praying for me. The Lord has done it. I have been offered a job in New York which will double my income.  This is a great step into getting out of debt and into financial freedom.  Indeed, the Lord will be glorified in me in 2016 - I continue to claim this word for the rest of the year.
Ms. Susan Kimwele, Nairobi, Kenya.

I watched the program, "The Hour of Deliverance” on Angel TV and the Lord spoke to me directly. I was living my life without a purpose and was stuck in confusion. The state I was in was as if I was a vagabond in the Spirit. The Lord really set me free by removing all of the spiritual blindness in me and making me whole once again. I am totally set free by the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.
Ms. Hepziba Lizzie, Chennai, India.

I sent a prayer request to pray for my brother Abraham who is scheduled to go for an angiogram soon. I asked the Lord to cause the blocks to disappear even before the angiogram. My brother is already 67 years old and there were lots of risks involved. Now his heart condition has improved tremendously through medical treatment. It is truly through your kind prayers and the Mercy of the Lord.
Mr. David Joseph Klang, Malaysia.

I sent a written prayer request for prayer that I would get a job in Abu Dhabi. The Almighty heard that prayer, and the Lord Jesus gave me a job. First I give thanks to Jesus and also, I thank you dear Uncle Sadhu.
Mr. Ratheesh, Kanyakumari, India.

I sent a prayer request for a financial blessing for my job, later, I received a promotion at an appointed time. Praise be to the Lord God Almighty.
Mr. Shan-Mei Tseng, Pingtung, Taiwan.

I sent in a prayer request for my cousin’s brothers Roshan and Joyson. I asked for prayer for breakthrough in their career as they have been jobless for one year. By God’s grace they got jobs they never dreamt about!! Roshan got a job in the USA and Joyson got a job in the Mumbai Airport. Praise the Lord for his great mercies.
Mr. Wickey Fernandes, North shore, New Zealand.

I received a word from the Lord as Prophet Sadhu prayed for the people when the healing power of God was manifested. I am beyond thankful for what the Lord has done for me, for I was suffering for 23 years with a generational disease that cannot be explained—the best I can relate to it would be Schizophrenia. There are no words that can describe how grateful I am for this healing that the Lord has blessed me with abundantly. I thank God for Angel TV ministries, which He used to release his wonderful healing power. Praise be the Lord God Jesus Christ.
Mr. Joshua Delgado, Middleville, New York.

For the past two months I faced a lot of problems with my husband. I kept hearing an evil spirit speaking to me that my husband was cheating on me. After I heard that, I was not able to sleep, or eat and I lost my joy. I thought about suicide. I watched one of your prophetic conferences and you said that one girl is thinking that inside of your heart you know about your husband. And you also said that an evil spirit is torturing you, telling you that your husband is cheating because someone has done witchcraft against you to separate you from your husband. But God’s sword is fighting against them, those who are doing these things. From that I received deliverance from my problems. Thanks the Lord. Angel TV is very useful to me to develop my spiritual life.
Mrs. Saranya, Saudi Arabia.

I have just started watching the ANGEL TV programs and I have been glued to it, since all the messages you telecast is a mystery and they are eye-openers. I thank God for a person like you. I thank God again for the English subtitles.
Mrs. Sylvia Molobi, Gauteng, South Africa.

I am a nursing tutor. I sent prayer request to you as I am suffering from many problems. I had a problem in my workplace. During the prayer time, I made a vow to the Lord that after getting my annual increments and arrears; I will give the Lord half of my arrears and one tenth of my every income. The Lord Jesus did a miracle, after 7 years I got exam duty and I also got 2 increments.
Mrs. Susheela Devadhas, Colombo, Srilanka.

Recently I lost my job. I worked as a Graphic Designer in Printing & Publishing Firm. I had lots of credit card debts which was unable to pay. I sent prayer request to you to pray for a new job. Thanks for prays. I am blessed with a new job now.
Mr.Rajan Varughese, Sharjah, UAE.

I have heard your messages online. I requested you to plead for my son who was 15 years old. Doctors suspected that my son might have tumor in his heart. They recommended for further tests. Thank you so much for your prayers. My son is doing well now! He has no issues in his heart. I am so happy for my son! Glory, honour and praise be to Jesus Christ our Lord.
Mrs. Geetha, Germantown, USA.

I watched your program in Raj TV. At the end, you prayed for people who have the issue of itching for a long time. In the name of Jesus Christ, my itching got cured, and I am healed of this ailment!  I suffered with this for the past 5 years! Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ!      
Ms. Jasmine Leena, Madurai, India.

I sent prayer request for my home and my son Tyron’s job. I thank God for His answer; Tyron has got a job and also started to go for his new job. All Glory to God.
Rev. Vanitha Munsamy, Durban, South Africa.

I want to share a testimony that I was healed after you prayed for me.  
You prayed in a TV Program that a woman watching this program has neck pain and declared that the pain is removed and it will never come back. I have been getting treatment for this neck pain for a long time from CMC hospital , Vellore. Now, my pain is gone. God is so good and He healed me during your prayer time.
Dr. Punitha Ezhilarasu, CMC, Vellore, India.    

I wrote a letter to Jesus Ministries to pray for me to get a good salary. By the Grace of Lord Jesus Christ and by your prayers, my salary got doubled from Rs.2500 to Rs.5000. Praise the Lord.
Mr.C.Thangadoss, Chittoor, A.P. India.

I watch Angel TV online whenever I get time. I felt the touch from God when you prophesied by saying, “There is a Hindu girl watching this program.  She has a lump in her stomach, because someone did witchcraft against her to kill her by blood cancer but she is consoling herself by saying it is not cancer. Later, I knew it and started crying and gave thanks for the Amazing Grace of God. Glory to God.
Mrs.Kasturi Thuran, Malaysia.

I sent prayer request. God provided me the school I asked for. Not only that, He continued to bless me, as one of my British Council International Project, has been nominated as a Top Ten Project in Sri Lanka and I received the Award. Almighty God, made the same people who accused me, to honor me for the achievement. Lord Jesus has set me in the high place.
Ms. Beula, Srilanka. 

 Lord spoke to me through Sadhu uncle saying, “One young girl is wearing red dress with Indian complexion filled with tears" That was me! I was worrying about my parents financial issues and I was unable to support them. I felt worthless and had thoughts of committing suicide. God delivered me, now I am feeling peace and warmth in my heart. No more fear in my life.
C. Magizh Christy, Pollachi, India.

The Lord was merciful to my sister who was suffering from lungs and kidney ailments. After sending prayer request for my sister, the Lord was merciful to my sister by healing her and she is out of danger. At present, she is able to breath properly, eat well and everything is normal.
Mr. Lionel George, Salalah, Oman.

As I was admitted to hospital and I was diagnosed with failure in my heart, lungs, kidneys, etc,…  My family contacted you to pray for my healing. I wish to convey my sincere thanks, to our ALMIGHTY LORD JESUS CHRIST for healing my body.
Mr. Chan Orie, Northdale, South Africa

We were greatly upset because of my sister's low medical cut-off in XII Exam due to which Government seat is impossible. I was waiting for my X ICSE results. In the Angel TV monthly fasting prayer, I prayed for my sister to get a Government Medical Seat and for me to secure above 90%, which were impossible. I had secured 91.67% which is something extraordinary. My sister got a seat in Government Medical College in Tamil Nadu . Even those who had no belief in Jesus said it was a true miracle of Jesus Christ ! Truly it was God's doing!
Ms. Jeyasri, Ramanathapuram, India.

God has indeed answered our prayers. My daughter Zoe had secured a job at the Rainbow Centre. The Rainbow Centre is a school for the children with a  special development and learning needs. She was also offered a higher than expected salary. Praise the Lord and all Glory belongs to Him.  
Mr. Mark Teo, , Singapore.

I thank you for praying for my friend and wife by seeing my prayer request. My friend Cyrilene Greene is miraculously healed. She was unconscious for about 10 days. When she became conscious, she said a man with white hair and a beard was in her hospital room with her. I showed your photo and she looked at your photo and said you were the one who was with her in the hospital.
Mr. Elijah, Allentown, USA.

I have no words to describe; I fear and revere God through Angel TV that I watch on a daily basis. I am stunned; I have no words to express the beauty of God that I enjoy on a daily basis. This TV station has helped me to walk afresh with my LORD. I enjoy all sessions on a daily basis. I am stunned by the children who have dedicated themselves to serving the Lord at this magnitude. I love this channel with all my heart and soul as it is making me get closer to the Lord on a daily basis.
Mrs . Mavis Lekgetho, Botswana, Africa.

I have been watching all the programs on Angel TV and have been praying along. This channel has truly been a blessing for me and my family members. Our Lord Jesus Christ has been so gracious to us, blessing us in all our needs. On February 2015, I was diagnosed with "Hyperthyroid" and "Pre-Diabetes". My Thyroid levels were extremely high that the doctor herself hadn't come across anyone with such high levels. I am just 24years old and I was really depressed from the time I was diagnosed with these diseases. I kept praying everyday and was watching all the programs on Angel TV and praying along.
Two weeks ago when I again went for a consultation, the doctor told me that my Thyroid levels were perfectly normal (within the range) and so were my blood sugar levels and my blood hemoglobin levels. I Glorify and Thank God for having performed this great miracle.
Mrs. Jane, USA

I just happened to see your teachings/sermon from the net.  I stand strong in my faith in Jesus Christ. My husband feels the same way. We have so many future plans including our retirements but I somehow don't see it coming because I believe we are at a fragile time wherein we should prepare for His coming instead. We are not at all prepared for Our Lord's return.  Thank You and May God increase your wisdom!
Mrs. Lilly Hidalgo, Alberta, Canada

Brother, when I requested you to pray for a life partner, you responded by assuring me that my miracle was on its way.  I am now married to a very loving and godly man. Thank you, brother, for all your prayers. All Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. We pray for God to bless your life abundantly.
Mrs . Rina limbu, Sydney, Australia

My son Jaden came down with a fever and a cold. He skipped school that day, and as the night progressed, the symptoms got stronger. The next morning, we switched on Angel TV, and the program, ‘Warriors’, came on. This was the very first time, my son, Jaden, watched the show.
After the program ended, he seemed much better throughout the day and went to school. Later, he testified to me saying that when he was watching Angel TV, something warm touched him, (he mentioned over his chest) and then everything was gone and he didn’t feel sick anymore. This was unusual because it would usually take a week or more for him to recover. I knew it was the Lord, and thanked Him. He got healed while watching the show! Hallelujah!
Mrs. Marie Hinojos, USA

We would like to thank you for coming to Dubai to pray for healing, the peace of Middle East, and also the people who are living here. We were trying to have a baby for the past 3 years, but it was unfruitful. Later, when Sadhu Uncle came to Dubai, he placed his hands on us and prayed, and encouraged us by saying that God will definitely bless us. We had faith, especially my wife, that God will do a miracle through Sadhu Uncle’s meeting.
My wife is now 2 ½ months pregnant, and we just came to know that everything is normal. Now, we are going to testify the miracle God did for us to everybody. God can do anything, anytime & anywhere for those who believe in him and these things we come to know through ANGEL TV.
Mrs. Donald & Shalini D'silva.Dubai 

While we were watching Na’ar Logos, in an episode where you spoke about faith, I felt in my spirit, the oil of the Holy Spirit being poured all over my life and body. You are planting seeds of the Word in our hearts. It was very interesting to me that our dear Prophet Sadhu spoke about realms and dimensions. It is the first time I heard a speaking on dimensions related with the realms of Heaven as the Prophet explained, and this spoke to my heart, knowing that the Lord Jesus has prepared many places/realms of existences for His people. It makes us desire to enter the door of faith to receive revelation from God for these times. 
Adriana Valdez, Tijuana, Mexico

No words can express my gratitude to our Merciful God for your kind prayer! Truly as He promised, He never forsakes those who seek Him! God changed my husband immediately, after I sent you my prayer request on 10th of July. He guided my husband through the testimony of another brother, whose spiritual eyes are opened, and therefore can see demons.  As a result, my husband agreed to attend the revival meetings and get delivered. Hallelujah, God wiped my tears and filled my heart with joy. He has won the battle! Praise and Glory to our Almighty God! Wholeheartedly I would like to thank you very much, Prophet and Servant of God.
Mrs. Sarah Shumei Hu, New York, USA

I am 24 years old. Six months ago I was suddenly diagnosed as being near-sighted.   Although the diagnosis was not severe, still I could not take my contact lenses or glasses off without getting a headache afterwards. The near-sightedness came suddenly and was a big matter for me to handle. I have managed it somehow so far with contact lenses and glasses. But 2-3 days before the live Healing-Service I really wished then it would disappear and I could see without any glasses and lenses with my own eyes. I felt a deep sadness in my heart. On the day of the Healing-Service, I really had no trust and hope that I would also experience a healing miracle but while I prayed along with Bishop, he prayed for people with eye problems.
Thanks and praises to the Lord Almighty! He renewed my eyes and made me see without any help of glasses or contact lenses. Now I don’t wear anything.  I can see well and have no headaches.  I thank and praise my Heavenly Father.
Thusha Rajan, Germany.

My son, Austin, had swelling in his right wrist just before his 10th grade exam. I wrote to you asking for prayer. You comforted us with the assurance of answered prayer. Once again we experienced God’s presence and love. The Lord touched and healed him miraculously. He secured a 9.2 grade in his exams. Thank you for your prayers.
Mary Jain, Bahrain.

I wrote to you requesting prayer for my son’s success in his 12th grade examination. By the grace of God Almighty he scored 77%, with distinction in Informatic Practices, Business Studies and English.  Praise the Lord!
Susan, Doha Qatar.

I have been watching  Angel TV for the past 1-1/2 years. On April 30th my 2-1/2 year old daughter and my 4 year old son were both infected by chickenpox.  My daughter was crying and itching for a whole night on 2nd May. I gave her medicine but the itching didn’t stop and  my daughter continued crying until the next day. The following day, on Sunday, May 3rd, I was watching Angel TV. God spoke to me continuously through 3 programs which were: “Your Time For A Miracle”, “Voice of the Beloved” and “Healing Love”.  On that day all the programs were about healing.  I cried and prayed. From that night there was no more itching or pain.  Both my son and daughter were healed from the chickenpox. The itching never came back. Thank you for Angel TV.
Mrs . Bonpapa Indra, Essonne, France.

I am 30 years old and have not yet been able to conceive and have a child. I sent a prayer request to you so that the Lord would bless us with a child.  You prayed for me at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ and replied to my prayer by email .  It enlightened my soul, mind and heart. Your reply comforted me and really increased my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  By God's grace now I have conceived. God has fulfilled my heart’s desire and blessed me. Thank you Jesus! All glory and honor to Jesus Christ. Thank you very much for your prayers. Thank you for the ministry through Angel TV. Jesus did a miracle in my life and made me a good witness for His Name. Your TV programs  are very helpful to me.
Thank you.  
Mrs. Jayanthi, Bangaluru,India
I really thank our Lord Almighty, for the great miracle He did for me yesterday. I had sent you a prayer request to pray for my relationship with my husband.  As soon as I sent you the request I had peace and joy in my heart because I knew that God was going to change my situation.  I had been hoping that when you prayed for my situation that God would do a miracle and He surely did!   Now my husband speaks to me and he is no longer angry.  There is a very remarkable difference that can be seen in him.  In answer to prayer the Lord has made a drastic change in him. I know God really loves us and did this for us. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I praise our almighty God. All glory to His holy Name.
Mrs. Prathiba Jeya, Singapore

Last year in June I applied for a job, we were having a hard time financially because my husband’s business was not doing well, and was experiencing a major loss. My father had given us one thousand rupees for expenses, and in my heart I decided to send that money to Jesus Ministries. So I sent the money, and within 2 months God has given me a wonderful job with 10,000/- Salary. God has done great things in my life, and by God’s grace, my husband’s business is also going good.  Praise the Lord.
Mrs.Pauline - Dindigul, India

I have been sending my prayer request to your ministry and God has answered 2 of my requests. My elder daughter, married for 8 years, did not have any children. Now, by God’s grace she has conceived—Glory to God! My second daughter has waited 1½yrs for a job, and on 30.3.2015 she has joined in a post as Sr.Manager in the HR department. Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ!
Mrs. Jaya Umapathy- Bangalore, India

Every night I used to get scared, even if I was in a deep sleep, something used to wake me up between 2 AM to 3 AM. While sleeping I would feel something catch my neck tightly, and I would be so afraid that for the next 1 hour I could not sleep. I wrote to you for prayer, and I was anxiously waiting for your reply. I was so happy to see your quick email, so I read that prayer immediately. Thank and Praise God, after so many days, I slept like a child and I didn’t get up at all during the night, I slept peacefully till morning.
Molly, Kuwait.

I am writing to testify of God's goodness through your ministry. I submitted a prayer request to Jesus Ministries concerning our housing situation and you replied and gave me Isaiah 52:12 which I held on to,  and it assured me. As of last month, we were miraculous able to purchase the home we were renting.  Glory to God.
Mrs. Grace Oni, USA.

I give thanks to God Almighty for our partnership with Jesus Ministries and Angel TV. The Lord is so good to me—He has kept me as a top performer in our loan department. Even though I had gone to Haiti for over a week, the loans that I left behind closed speedily. I told my peers that it is the Hand of God and I give thanks to Him for His goodness.  We love you.
Jaya, USA.

I sent a prayer request for a generation blessing. I would like to testify of the miracle God has done in my family. I have been married for two years and we were waiting for a baby. I kept praying in faith and Jesus has answered our prayers. In the month of July, miraculously I received the gift of child from God. Now it is my third month of pregnancy and I am extremely happy to receive this precious gift. When we have the baby we will dedicated the baby to the Lord Jesus Christ for His last day’s ministries. Praise be to God. Thank you for your prayers
Ahino Robin,  UAE.

I live with my husband and children in Qatar. I watch all of Angel TV’s programs, and they are such a  blessing from God. One day I was watching a program on Angel TV when Brother Sadhu was praying. During the program, he said that there was a lady with neck pain, and that God was healing her right now! I felt my neck pain disappearing,  and from that day on I didn’t feel any more pain. I thank our God Jesus Christ who healed me—and I thank Brother Sadhu for his prayer.
Swapna, Qatar.

On August 10 I sent in a prayer request because I was facing a problem in my work place. God has now given me another job with a much better salary.
Zena, Ethiopia.

 I thank God for talking with me through Angel TV. I like to watch all the programs and I have also suggested that my friends watch as well. Though I am from a Hindu family, God has touched me through His channel and I have received His blessings. This has changed my whole life; I learned to pray, and read the Bible and God has blessed me with a child, as we were waiting for a long time.
Mahalakshmi, Salem, India. 

One of our daughters, who had been away from the Lord for over 10 years, suddenly came back testifying that, JESUS came to her in a dream one night, kissed her and said, “Awake My Love.” Another daughter is close on her way back to Christ, too. To my joy, they both listen to me telling them of what’s on the horizon prophetically. My husband and I turned up to the 2013 conference at Lancaster, where God touched him in such a powerful way, that I saw him in spirit, being unzipped, filled with milk and honey and zipped back by God. My husband, a City Attorney, got 21 new clients in a single day and now another city wants to hire him as their City Attorney. This is my testimony, praising the Lord that, because we are partners with Angel TV, God rewarded the seed we sowed in Jesus Ministries! 
Kari Schneider, USA

My husband got a job in Muscat, and I have been transferred from interior area of Muscat to a very good place of Muscat. I am really grateful that all this happened because of all your prayers. Thank you Iyya, for your precious and encouraging words which you sent us!             
Selvakumari, Muscat

I mailed a prayer request to pray for my brother Juan, who suffered from Jaundice and was facing some financial crisis and another brother Deepak who couldn’t find a job due to hearing trouble. Also, the treatment costs Rs, 84,000/-. But, thanks for your prayers, because of which Juan is fine now and Deepak also has got a job in a hotel as Assistant Housekeeping Supervisor. I thank God for blessing my brothers!                                                                                                
Sasikala, India

I sent my prayer request through Angel TV Web, with great distress, when I came to Dubai, quitting my job in search of a better job. Unfortunately, I found no job after spending all my savings and I was left here with no penny. I asked you to pray that God grant me a good job immediately and to deliver me from my financial crisis. God made me attend three interviews and has blessed me with a good job. I’m delighted to tell you this and I’m grateful for your prayers!
Dharani Dakshinamurthy, Dubai

Angel TV has been a great help to know the spiritual facts, learn and obey them. Among the financial and prayer partners, whom I have helped to join, there is a sister partnering without her husband’s knowledge. Her doctor recommended removal of uterus, for she has been suffering from bleeding for the past few years. She was bothered a lot, afraid of being hospitalized for long time which may affect her fasting prayers. So, she wanted to postpone this to 2014. Miraculously in January, when you prayed specifically for uterine weakness in Angel TV, she joined the prayer too. Since then, she is staying healthy. Also, the doctor has told her that there is no need for the surgery. All glory be to God!     
Thaya Newton, Germany

I have been faithfully watching Angel TV for the past 5 months. Angel TV has made me realize that it’s not enough to merely be baptized and become a born again Christian, it is also about how we live it out. Acquainting me with the Holy Spirit has miraculously delivered me from my addiction and my rude and stubborn nature. Further I have started seeing so many visions and dreams, something that I have never experienced in all my life. I also join along with Angel TV prayer time programs which has been a heavenly experience! All Victory and Glory to the Lord God! Amen.
Joanna, Middle East

My brother was in prison and while he was still in the prison, I send a prayer request to Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. He prayed over it and God answered his prayer. Now he was released by the end of February after being in prison from early January. Thank you Prophet Sadhu for standing in the gap and interceding! I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for answering our prayer and releasing my brother from prison.         
Caly Mene, Cameroon, Africa

I sent a prayer request in the mail to pray for my wife’s visa, she was in India then. The Kuwait government mandates a minimum 250 KD salary for a visa permit. But I was getting only 225 KD then. Moreover I couldn’t leave this job because I am from a normal family. Graciously God answered the prayer. Yes! God granted me a good job and my salary now is 500KD. The second miracle is that we have started to construct a new house. Your prayer has brought me a good job with good salary and helped me to start construction work of our house. Thank you for your prayers. All glory to God! Hallelujah!
Alex Princelee. J, Kuwait

I got married on the 21st of October, 2013. I was expecting a baby. Further I was suffering from a severe stomach pain due to an infection problem. I have been regularly watching "BETEN YATSAR" program in Angel TV. Once I was watching the program, I placed my hand on my stomach & joined the prayer. To my surprise when a scan was done to look for infection, the doctor told me that I conceived!!!  But there was a severe blood clot near the fetus. Hence its heart rate was very low. I was praying to God because the bleeding was continuing from January 14th – 31st, then it stopped by God's grace. On February 8th, I took another scan and by God's grace everything was absolutely normal. The doctor was really shocked to see my report. I thank God from the bottom of my heart for what He has done in my life. Praise God!
Jaquline Jeyakumar, India

I have attended a lot of interviews. The questions would be easy and still I would fail. Despite the fact that I attended many interviews, I was still unemployed. So I sent a prayer request to Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj. Sadhu Iyya prayed for a miracle to happen. Later I attended an interview, it was very tough and I lost my hope after writing the exam, but God miraculously answered your prayers and I got selected and placed in Infosys.  Now I realize the power of the Heavenly Father lord Jesus.
Sasikumar, Neyveli, India

Praise the Lord! I had sent a prayer request to pray for my friend’s son, Denis Fernando, who was suffering from bone Cancer for which the doctors had suggested going for chemotherapy. The Lord answered the prayer!  The doctors have now checked him and found him perfect. Thank you for your prayers.   
Charles Jancy, Germany

I am writing this to testify of the goodness of God in my life. Before I started watching Angel TV (Angel TV Africa) I was a music addict, anything that had a beat was good music to my ears and I didn’t care to know what they are saying but since the first day I heard the prophet preach the word of God on Angel TV, I deleted over 200 unwanted songs that I had in my phone, and since then it's been 1 ½ month and I have no urge to listen to such music again. I am free Halleluiah! Thanks to Jesus.
Mr Temptayo, Africa                                                                           

I read “The Maharishi of Mount Kailash”, written by Brother Sadhu. So amazing... my heart never doubts about what I've read. When I read the book, my spirit became more sensitive and I received more prophetic anointing.  Before I go to Middle East for my mission works, the book helped me a lot to prepare myself for the end-time harvest of God. 
Mr Joel magabnua, USA

Thanks a lot for your programs on Angel TV. My sister’s name is: SEETHA LASKHMI, she is 21years old, studying nursing in GNG College and staying in a hostel. Once suddenly she got sick and didn’t talk to anyone and informed us that she was going to discontinue her nursing course. My parents become very upset. Then I logged into Angel TV through Internet. At the time, a live prayer program was telecasted, in that program prayer warriors prayed for student’s education. Then I called my sister Seetha Laskhmi via phone and made her hear the prayers telecasting in Angel TV and then I started to fast and prayer on 8.12.2013. Lord Jesus gave deliverance to my sister miraculously at the end of the night. Then she called us and informed that she is going to continue her studies. I am happy and thanks to my Lord Jesus Christ and Angel TV. 
Ms Sathya, Saudi Arabia                                                                                                          
Since we became partners, one of our daughters, who have been away from the Lord for over 10 years, suddenly came back to the Lord.  One night as she was sleeping, she saw Jesus in the dream and Jesus came to her and kissed her and said awake my love.   Now she is listening to Joe Sweet and Terry Bennett, Neville and Sadhu Iyya messages.  Our other daughter is close to coming back to Christ as well, they both are listening to me as I tell them of what's on the horizon prophetically. 
Mr Kari Schneider, USA

GLORY TO JESUS. With GOD all things are possible. Yes, Brother GOD has done miracles in our family. We received two main blessings from the LORD. First is spiritual life and second is my husband's job. I wrote to you about my husband's visa. GOD has miraculously provided the visa and my husband reached Oman safely and continuing his work. Thank you for your prayers. We will be thankful and truthful to GOD and follow his ways and live a sinless life.
Mrs Deva Prasanna Prince, Coonoor, India

I sent a prayer request to you because I had a lump in my breast. I want to thank you first for your prayers and for your faithfulness. I am writing to let you know that God has healed my body. The lump has been removed from my breast. The surgery was successful and I had no pain.
Ms. Peta Gaye Walker, USA

I thank God for Angel TV because it has really built my spiritual life and provoked me to prepare earnestly for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank God.
Mr.Joel, Nigeria
My name is Ruth Komal, I converted to Christianity while regularly watching your program through Raj TV on Sundays. I had been suffering from Poly cystic ovarian syndrome since 2010 and no doctors or medications were able to heal me.
While I was watching, Brother Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s message and prayer, he prayed for a cyst problem, that moment I was moved by the HOLY SPIRIT. Later I had a scan and it showed that my cyst disappeared. From the bottom of my heart I praise & thank my Sweet Lord Jesus Christ for this wonderful miracle.
 Ms. Ruth Komal,  Hydrabad, India

I was viewing the program “Magathuvamanavar” (The Awesome God) on the 8th of July at 8.30am standard time of Kuwait. At that time I was standing before the television, praying along with Sadhu Appa. A light came into me and I was thrown backwards. I felt something leave my body and I heard a terrible noise. Millions and millions of thanks to God who delivered me out of the bondage of witch craft. I thank you too Sadhu Appa
Ms.Elizabeth,  Kuwait   

I sent a prayer request to you for my brothers healing and salvation. Jesus has answered our prayers! Tonight, we saw Jesus perform a miracle for my elder brother Lim Kwee Chua! He accepted Jesus into his heart tonight!  Words can’t express the joy and comfort we received due to this. Please uphold us continuously in your valuable prayers & thanks a lot to Jesus Christ.
Ms. Pentecost, Singapore  

I live in Hopkins, Minnesota. I Thank God for Angel TV, as I have been blessed by regularly watching the programs. Particularly on the 5th of April 2013, the spirit of the Lord told me to watch the Hour of deliverance program on Angel TV. This was the second time I had watched this program. As I was watching the program, I got confirmation about soul deliverance teaching which the Lord was teaching me.
The Lord Yeshua spoke to me about the Spirit of heaviness, forgetting, lack of concentration and how to overcome them. I thank God for the deliverance I have received in the name of our Lord Yeshua. Also, I am thankful because I have learned a lot through Angel TV. The very first time that I watched Angel TV, I was filled mightily by the Lord’s anointing and was delivered from the power of darkness. All glory to God.
Ms. Angel Paulraj,  USA

I am so thankful that my life has been changed as I have been watching the programs on Angel TV. Words can’t express the glorious impact that the Angel TV programs have had in changing my life towards God. May God bless you.
Emmanuel Kafele,  Malawi

My name is Sharon Priya. I come from a Hindu family where both of my parents work. When my parents would leave for work, I watch Angel TV. While watching programs like "Truly yours, Let us Worship & Aadhan Idhu" I received salvation. I came to know that Jesus Christ is the only true living God and I accepted our Saviour Jesus Christ as my family God. In your live programs that telecasted on Sep 28, 2011 & Jan 1, 2003 I was deeply touched by my Jesus Christ. And received baptism before I was married. I watched the Angel TV telefilm "There is only one" on Good Friday. It was a really good film. I got evidence about the true living God from the Hindu Vedas, so it was very helpful to me when sharing Jesus Christ to non-Christians. Now I am living because of our father "JESUS CHRIST" love & bye, Angel TV programs.
Mrs. Chandra Priya, India

My name is Gabriel Mubita from Zambia in Africa. Once I visited India in 2009 and was stayed in New Delhi for 3 months. As a Christian, during my stay there, it was extremely difficult to find a church to go to. But I was encouraged to see a Christian channel Angel TV from India broad casting the word of God to the world. In my heart, I praised God for the word of God which was preached in India by Angel TV, a place where I saw many idols. Please may you continue to preach the word of God and may the Good Lord Jesus Christ bless you.
Mr.Gabriel, Zambia,   Africa

I was married for 8 months and waiting to conceive a child. But I didn't conceive, so I started to consult doctors and took treatment but no benefits. At last I stop all those treatments. In the month of May, Sadhu Iyya prayed in the TV program for married women’s womb to be open and they should receive the gift of God. So, I also prayed with Sadhu Iyya for conceiving the child and also offered the child for the Lord's Kingdom in faith. Then in the month of June, miraculously I received the gift of child from God. Now it is my second month of pregnancy and I am extremely happy to receive the gift of God.
Mrs Ponselin Solomon, Muscat

I am Josephine Charlie and I have 2 children. My husband is a heart patient (triple vessel disease) and doctors advised him to take medicine throughout his life. As such he is not able to go to work and I am the only working person in my family for the past 8 years. Last Oct 2012, I lost my job because of my co-workers were jealous about me. Then I greatly longed for a job to run my family. I sent prayer request for my job and you replied to me with God’s comfortable words. Now I got the Job as a faculty in a college. Thank you very much for your prayers and your words. Praise the Lord.
Mrs Josephine Charlie, Madurai, India

My name is Shalom Emmanuel from Nigeria and I am 17yrs old. Recently I got connected to your channel and watched some of your programs when I got the chance because I’m usually in school. Your programs really touched me and made me to change in so many ways. I repented for my sins to Christ Jesus on 'June 9th 2013', though I am a Christian. I’m very much grateful for your teachings and the upcoming glory of the Lord upon me. Thank you very much as you helped me to become God's servant totally and witness His voice.
Mr Shalom Emmanuel, Nigeria

I am Aneena from Kerala and I am a regular viewer of Angel TV. Last Tuesday (July 2nd) I was watching your programme at 6.30 am and at that time I was suffering with neck pain on my left side. During the prayer you told that a lady who is suffering stiffness and pain on her left side and will be healed. Brother I was that lady and I got a great relief from my pain. I thank our Almighty God for healing me.
Ms Aneena, Kerala, India

I am Viveca Fernando from Sri Lanka. I sent an email to you on 8th Aug 2013 regarding my job requirement and you replied me through email. Miraculously after receiving the email reply from you  I got a job from a company and they agreed to pay US$ 600 and within a week I am going to join the company. I am so happy and I am thankful to God for answering our prayers. Praise the lord.
V L C Fernando, Sri Lanka

I had a tumor on my chest. I was so afraid that it would be of cancer. Then I prayed to God more, while I was crying and pray to God I heard a message from Angel TV that god will heal you from one pastor.by hearing it I left happy and I had more belief that tumor will be of non-cancer type. Then I prayed to Lord more and I got result from hospital that tumor was due to prolactin and doctor said that it was non-cancerous tumor and said after eating tablet for 1 month tumor will go off. Praise the Lord. I am also partner of Angel TV.
- Edilprincy

I had recently written a email requesting you to pray for my family problems and Job situations and stability. You had prayed and replied with the Promise of God stating " You will surely be delivered. The Lord God will deliver you out of all your burdens, tears, sorrows, debts and sicknesses " . What a wonder, our Lord has miraculously opened a door and blessed with a job offer in an MNC named Dimension Data India ltd at Bangalore in the position of Network Engineer. I thank and Praise  the Lord a million times from my heart.
- Balasubramani, Bangalore India

I am from Malaysia. When I was browsing the internet on 1st January 2013, I came to know about Angel TV programs. From that day onwards I am watching most of the programs and I am thankful to God for raising so many sincere servants of God in Angel TV programs for worship, testimonies, sermons and many others. Sadhu Iyya, your programmes like (Truly Yours, What is Next, Aduthan Ithu, Bride Get Ready & Healing Love) are my favourites. I am deeply moved by the effort your team & you are taking to spread the gospel through the media to the whole world. Glory be to God.   
 - Mr. Jeyaraj, West Malaysia

I was searching for  job but I didn’t get any job because I am not fluent in English. I only trusted in God.  So I sent a prayer request to you, to get a job. God heard your prayer. I got a good job with a good salary. I thank my gracious loving father and thank you for your prayers uncle. All praise to be God.
- Ms.Tharmila, Sri Lanka

I am Susan George from Doha. I had sent you mail to pray for my sons Kevin and Chris as their Board Exams were going on. Praise to God Almighty who gave my sons meritorious results.  Kevin passed class 12 with an aggregate of 70% marks and got distinction in English and Computer Science. Chris scored 82% marks in grade 10 with distinction in English, Hindi, Science and Social Studies. All praise to LORD JESUS to whom I looked and He blessed my kids with good scores beyond my imagination.  Thanks a lot for your prays.
- Ms.Susan, Doha

I sent a prayer request regarding one person, who is staying in our house & creating problem and not vacating my house. You prayed and replied me and God did mighty things through your prayer.  Now he has decided to leave my house and I am very happy. All glory to God.
-  Mr. Pravin Pandit, Haryana, India

I am from a Hindu background and I had a terrible pain in my left hand for several months and I approached many doctors and the pain did not subside. One day I was watching your Gunamakkum Anbu program in Raj TV at 8pm and
you asked the viewers all who are suffering from pain to keep their right hand on the spot and pray with faith to the Lord Jesus Christ. I prayed along with you and amazed to recognize that the pain had gone and I felt very relieved. Praise & glory be to Lord Jesus Christ.
- Mrs. Gangamma, Bangalore, India

I am very much delightful in sharing with you the blessings that Jesus has done in our life through this Ministry (Jesus Ministries | Angel TV). We sent a small donation (SLR 2000) to Angel TV and two months later our Lord Jesus Christ blessed me abundantly. I conceived for the first time after 5 years and 8 months of my marriage life. Praise be to God!
Mrs. Laura David, Sri Lanka

I emailed you and asked you to pray for my wife’s treatment. For the last 7 years we have not been able to have a child. God heard your prayers and my wife conceived. After a blood checkup the doctor told us that God has blessed us by double measures. Praise the Lord and thanks for your prayer and blessings.
Mr. Micheal Prasannaraj, Chitoor, AP., India

For the past 7 years I have been working in Doha. My company decided to close my job but I wanted to continue my job due to my financial situation. I sent in a prayer request to you and you prayed and replied to me. What a surprise, God heard your prayer and has done a great miracle! My company agreed to extend my job for another 2 to 3 years.  I believe it happened 100% by your prayer. All glory to God.
Mr. Dominic, Doha-Qatar

I sent a request to pray for my (special child) son as he was affected by denggi fever. By your valuable prayer my son Joseph Cherian was completely healed from the DENGGI VIRUS fever.  Glory be to God.
Mr. John Kutty, Malaysia

I would like to give you an update of the infant girl whom I requested you to pray. We are witnessing God's miracle power. Doctors at St. Lukes Hospital said that without a respirator the infant girl (Baby Hannie) will die within 2 hrs. The parents decided to take her home after the doctors told them to prepare at least a million peso since the baby will have to undergo a series of operations for her esophagus, heart and others organs. Even with the operations the doctor gave no assurances. By faith, they decided to claim God's healing power and against the doctors wish they decided to take the baby home. Right now, she is 55 hrs without respirator and drinking milk through a medicine dropper. Thank you for your prayer. All praise be to God.
Mrs. Elia Luna, Philippines

I wrote a letter to you to pray for my blessing. You prayed and replied that Christmas gifts are coming and I believed and prayed. God gave me 8% increment and also 3Lakhs as bonus. I am very happy and thankful for your intercede. All praises be to God.
Mr. Santhan Tamilnesan, Sri Lanka

 I am happy to share this testimony, I prayed along with you in Gunamakkum Anbu program for my husband who has been searching for a good job for more than 1.5 years. After a couple of weeks he got a good job with very good salary beyond what we expected. All glory be to God.
Mrs. Sireesha, Chennai, India

We were very blessed to watch the telecast of Angel TV through Glory Star Christian satellite. We have always watched Angel TV through online streaming but always wished that we could watch it on TV. Telecasting through Glory star has made it simple & easy for us in package-wise & in terms of installation. It is very cost effective as it involves only one time payment of buying the equipment with no monthly charges involved for all the Christian channels. We feel Angel TV is crystal clear in picture-wise and happy to watch Angel TV through Glory Star Christian satellite. I really thank God.
Mr. Christopher David, USA

I am Muthu Selvi. I have two daughters and a son and all our married and without any children.  I watch Angel TV every day and  one day I made a vow to God. If my daughters and daughter-in-law become pregnant I will donate `.5000 to Angel TV for each of them. Now I am very happy to say that by the abundant Grace of Jesus Christ my daughter-in-law is 2 months pregnant.
Mrs. Muthu Selvi, Tirunelveli, S.India

I sent you a prayer request by email for a good Job. You also prayed and replied me. In the same month I got a job as a Christmas gift. Thanks for your prayer. All glory to God.
Ms. Merlin Josita, Mysore, India

After we became Angel TV partners the Lord began blessing us abundantly. Firstly we longed to purchase a flat but had no money in hand, now the Lord has helped us to purchase 2 flats in a miraculous way. We had no money at the time of registration & we only paid after 5 months of registration. Secondly, the lord has turned my tears into joy & raised my head by anointing me in my workplace. Glory to God!    
-  Tamarai Kannan, Sultanate of Omen

My Family and I are Roman Catholic and we watch Angel TV programs every day. For the past 5 months I have been suffering from throat pain (tonsils), because of this I had constant fevers and body pain. After eating one strip of panadoland throat medicine I received a little relief but after a week I would have the same problem again. When I was watching an Angel TV live telecast my throat pain vanished and the Lord blessed me with the gift of the Holy Spirit.
-  Alice Mary, Kuwait

I applied to for a visa with Australia migration as I was planning to go to Australia. The application cost me 500,000 Sri Lanka rupees. Finally I gave up on going to Australia. So I requested them to return my money at the migration office in Sri Lanka but they told me that the money was nonrefundable. So I wrote a letter to Angel TV to ask for prayer regarding this matter. By God’s grace I received the money again. I thank Jesus Christ for his wonderful & marvelous works.
-  Joseph, Sri Lanka

During the New Years Live prayer meeting when Bro. Vincent Selvakumar was praying, he said that God is going to anoint you as a prophet to speak to Nations, Kings, and Language people. The fire anointing came on me and I started rolling down  from one corner of my prayer room to the other corner continuously and also when he that we are going to speak like a lion, I roared like lion at the same moment. Thank God for this wonderful gift and also thank you Iyya and also thanks Bro Vincent Selvakumar.
- Angel Paul raj, Mineapollis,USA

Praise the Lord, I am very happy to say Thank you to Angel TV for the live telecast on1st January’13.  I was watching the live telecast sitting in a cyber-center. When Brother Vincent Selvakumar started praying, I received the anointing right from my head flowing through my body specifically when he was saying the Lord is touching all whom are watching
- John Arnold, Mysore, India

I asked you to pray for me to get a job. Thank you so much for your prayers. Our God heard your prayers and gave me a job as a deputy teacher in Montessori schools in Omaha. I wrote the prayer request to you in May 2012 and I got the job in June 2012. I am really happy for this blessing. All praise to be God.
Felishia Paul Gideon, USA

I asked you to pray for me to get a rental house in France.  We don’t have support from anybody but God has heard our prayer and miraculously gave a house. All glory to God.
 Aseervartham Sarujan, France

 I am a student studying in Kuwait in a CBSE school. I sent request to you for my exams. Every day during exam time I prayed to Jesus. Likewise God gave me a full 10 CGPA which means A1 in all subjects. Also meaning I've to risen to the top of my school. All Thanks to the Living, powerful and Awesome God our Lord Jesus Christ.
Rachael Martina, Kuwait

I have been working in Muscat as a staff nurse. I was married 8 month & was eagerly praying that I would conceive a child, but I couldn’t conceive. I start to consult a doctor and took treatment for some time without any improvement. At last I stopped all treatment.

 Then in the month of May, you prophesized and prayed for women who couldn’t conceive. You prayed that the Lord would open up their womb and finally blessed by saying that the women must submit their firstborn child to God and it will be a testimony for the Lord's Kingdom.

Now by God's divine grace & mercy I have conceived and this is my second month of pregnancy.
Selvakumari, Muscat

My uncle's kidney was affected with a virus and he was scheduled to undergo an operation. Before the operation the doctor said that his Kidney became weak and all viruses have been spread in his body. The doctor's report was hopeless. I sent mail to you for pray. God heard your prayer and did a miracle, he is perfectly saved. Thanks for your prayer. Praise be to God.
Ms.Suba Kumari, Sri Lanka

I wrote you a prayer request for my son who was on drugs and didn't know the Lord. God has answered your prayer and my son has accepted Jesus as his Savior and the Lord has turned his life upside down.  He now has a job, a home and family and is growing in his walk with the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers. To God be the glory!  
Mr. Kim Key, USA

My wife’s aunt’s legs were to be amputated. We put in a request for prayers. Now the doctors declare nothing is to be amputated. The entire leg is intact and will be healed by medicines. All glory to Lord Jesus!
Aslam Hamid, UAE

I am Prabu from Madurai. My parents have been continuously sending prayer request to Angel TV for me and my wife to have a baby. Your prayer for us has been answered and my wife is 5 months along by the grace of God. We are thankful to our Lord and to Iyya for upholding us in your prayers. All praise be to God.
Prabu, Madurai, South India

I sent a prayer request for my job. Then I received a reply from you with very encouraging words. Now I got a job and it was a blessing for me. Thanks for your prayer. All glory to God.
Yogeswaran Balasingam, Switzerland

Praise the Lord. I am very happy to share my testimony with you. I attended an Interview in a Famous MNC in Singapore February of this year. Honestly speaking they did not conduct any formal interview with me but after our discussion they asked me to submit a report for the case study they provided. No response came from them. So I was totally upset and tried various methods but they all ended in failure. Then I sent my prayer request to you. Miraculously last week I got a call from the same MNC where I attended the interview and now they are ready to offer me the Job without any further interview or discussion. I know this is because of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Our Lord Jesus has removed the obstacle in my life and showed me the greatest career path. Our God is a Living God. All glory to God.
Mr. Victor, Singapore

I am Srinivasan from Dubai. I lost my job due to some problems with my boss. I requested that you pray for a job. Within 5 days God did a miracle by your prayer, I got a Job in Dubai.  All glory to God.
Mr.Srinivasan, Dubai

I asked you to pray for my sister Ashwanti, she needed deliverance because there were evil spirit’s attacking her. Our family went through a time of great sorrow helplessly watching her suffer, especially at night time when the demon would attack her. When you prayed for my sister on the 23rd of April 2012, Jesus immediately delivered her and she is totally free. She now sleeps like a baby, free from the evil clutches of the devil. Thanks a lot Sir, and PRAISE GOD FOR DOING MIRACLE IN MY SISTER 'S LIFE.
 Mr.Amren Dang, Jharkhand,  India

I live in Canada. I was searching for a job and I couldn’t get a Job, so I sent prayer request to you through mail and you too replied me.  Our Wonderful God heard your prayer request and made possible for me to get a job. All praise to God alone.
- Mr. Robert, Canada

This is a testimony how God has miraculously heard our prayers. As I requested you to pray for me, you send me a mail to pray with the verse Command your tender mercies to speedily happen (Ps 79:8). Brother miraculously it has speedily happened. Within 7 days after receiving your reply I tested my pregnancy test came out positive. Amen and Glory to GOD. My Entire family is happy thanking God Almighty.
- Mrs. Nalisha, Hyderabad

Three months back I wrote to you for prayer. After I went under an ectopic pregnancy surgery the doctors said I only have an 85% chance of having a child.  Our loving God answered our prayers and I’m at present 3months pregnant. Praise the Lord. He is great and living God.
- Mrs. Niranjani, Sri Lanka

I am Anitha Allan, from Bangalore. I sent prayer request for my mammogram checkup. I was very scared about that test. You prayed and replied me. After testing the result was normal. All glory to God.
- Ms. Anitha Allan, Bangalore.

I am a native to Nagercoil but have been staying in the US for the past 5 months. I had been married 2 yrs, without ever conceiving as I have thyroid and ovaration cyst problems. In the programme Kunamaakkum Anbu Sadhu Iyya shared the testimony of a non Christian girl who was healed from a uterus problem, then he said that Jesus wants to cure all the people who have problem in or by their uterus. I kept my hand in my ovary and prayed, cursing my ovarian cyst together with Sadhu appa. In the same month I conceived and the doctor told me that I don’t have a cyst on my ovary. The cyst was 100% gone. Now I am 3 months pregnant. All praise to be God.
- Ms. Mini Ancy, USA

Three months back I wrote to you regarding my job in Dubai. You prayed and replied me. The very next month, I got a good job I had desired. Thank you for prayer. All glory to be God.
- Ms. Sharral, Dubai
I'm from Taman jurong, Singapore. I would like to testify of the miracle God has done in my family. I was married two & a half years and we were waiting for a baby. My wife has polycysts in her ovary which makes her ovulation improper even after several months of medication. We didn't believe in the medicines, but we continued it for the sake of our families. With our hope and trust in Lord Jesus Christ we kept praying in faith and dedicated the baby to Lord Jesus Christ for his last day’s ministries. We fasted and prayed three days during Rosh Hashanahs 2011 Prophetic conference at Ramnad. You prophesied that “Hereafter your lives will no longer be the same and you will see new changes". Lord Jesus Christ gracefully fulfilled this word in our lives, a few days after Yom Kippur when I gave my wife the pregnancy test it was positive. Hallelujah. Now she is three months along. We are so grateful and happy that the Lord has lifted our heads among our relatives and friends. Praise be to God.
- Mr.Taman Jurong, Singapore

I sent a prayer request to your ministry regarding my exam results. You prayed and replied, by God’s Grace & by your prayer I cleared the exams with a 98%. Thanks a lot for your effective prayer.
- Meenakshisundaram, Singapore   
Praise God for Angel TV. During the programs I have experienced God right in my home. Once I was watching your program & in the prayer time I felt the power of God as heat. Another time when you were praying for healing, I kept my hand on my head as I had been suffering with sinus problems. As you were explaining the wounds of Jesus, I was filled with faith. Praise is to God - My Sinus's were miraculously healed.
- Beulah Jebadass, Louisiana

Praise God for He is gracious and perfect in faithfulness. I wrote to you and requested that you pray for me because my husband and I have been praying for a baby this year. You said "Cheer up, expect miracles and blessings...".         Then I went to my OB last week for a checkup. I had a blood test & was surprised to find that I am pregnant.  The doctors were also amazed. I am now two months pregnant. God is truly a God of miracles. Nothing is too hard for him. Thank you for your prayers!
- Marie Cris Rivera, Philippines

I Praise God that we can watch Angel TV online and am blessed by it every day. I was married 2 yrs ago and have not had a child. A few months back I sent a prayer request that I would conceive. God answered our prayers and I am pregnant now. All glory to our almighty Lord alone. Thanks for all of your prayers.
 -S.Subathra, Singapore       

I wanted to receive the Anointing and by your prayers the Lord heard my request. I watched every live service which was telecasted from Ramnad (Metagoshin conference). In the last service I prepared my heart &  made it naked before the Lord God of Israel and repented.  At that time FIRE shot through the computer screen and I was baptized in it. Since then I have had a new hunger and thirst for the Lord. Praise the Lord                                                                                                                
- Shiela, New Mexico

I am a partner to the ministry and this year I received your letter stating the promise for 2011 “In you I will do a new thing” (Isaiah 43:19).  In 2009 I had a miscarriage so I prayed that before this year ends, I would conceive. This year I have conceived! I praise the Lord and am proud to be a partner of Angel TV.
- Tamayanthi, Singapore .

With the grace of God I obtained a fully funded scholarship to do my Ph.D at the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. When I applied for Visa to leave Sri Lanka to commence my Ph.D but it was moving very slow. I wanted to begin my PhD on 1st of March 2011 and asked you to pray that God would give me a miracle. Within a few days of requesting your prayer I received my Visa. I was also blessed with safe travel from Sri Lanka to Melbourne and have started my PhD as well as my teaching in the university. I thank and praise God for the miracle and also thank you for your prayers. .
 - Prithiviraj, Sri Lanka

I am Nisha from Bangalore. On Nov 3rd I sent a prayer request to you for my brother who needed a good job. By God’s grace and by your kind prayer he recently got a good job. I thank you for your prayers, all glory be to God.
  - Nisha, Bangalore

I sent you a prayer request asking you to pray for my B.Pharm examination. You prayed and replied to my mail. God heard your prayers and was gracious to me, He enabled me to complete the examination with good percentage. All glory to God.
- VijaySagarBabu, Andhra Pradesh

My husband sent me a divorce notice. I was in tears and wrote to you requesting your prayers. God heard the prayers and did a great miracle. Now I, my husband and my daughters are living together happily. I thank and praise God for His marvelous wonders and also thank you for your prayers.
- Reeta, Coimbatore

Thank you for praying. The wound and the pain in my mouth, gums and tooth left two days ago. I believe that the healing process started as soon as I sent the prayer request to you and over the next two days the pain completely left.  I give a million thanks and praise to the father, Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Last year He healed my heart disease, 9 yrs ago he healed me of tongue cancer. He touched my tongue after the operation (Doctors rebuilt my tongue taking flap in my right hand). I still enjoy the taste of food and He restored my speech. I love Lord Jesus very much. God bless your ministry and bless you.
-Kugathsan Kris, London.

My husband and I came to visit you on the June 2nd this year. I have been married for 15 yrs and we don't have any children. You are prayed for me and my husband. I am pregnant now. I thank God for this miracle and thank you for praying for me. I am 12 wks pregnant! Gods good!
- Sunitha James, Ireland.

I have written a couple of prayer request with tears and depression. The Lord Jesus has answered your prayers and turned my sorrows to joy. You consoled me with the following words "He will also cause you to find grace in His eyes and favour with man. Be of good cheer" You prayed, gave me a promise and asked me to claim the promise and pray every day. I started to pray sincerely, as you instructed, and our lord Jesus answered my prayer. I requested prayer for my proposal and wedding. Now that my engagement is fixed 10th Aug.2011.your sincere prayer for me has been answered. I am so glad and will be faithful to our lord Jesus and to this ministry.
- Judith Keziah.J, Chennai.

I have been married for 3 years and have not had any children. I requested you to stand with me in prayer that God bless us with a child. God has heard our prayers and my wife is going to deliver a child soon. I thank the Almighty for hearing our prayers and also thank you for your prayers.
-Ashok Sundarraraj, Mumbai.

I am in the final year of B.Sc (IT). For the past 3 months I have attended many campus interviews. In nearly 9 interviews; I would make it until the last round but was never selected. I was totally upset. On 19th Feb. 2011 I sent a mail to you requesting your prayer. You prayed and replied. By the grace of our Lord I got selected in 2 companies. All glory be to our Lord Almighty. Uncle, thank you for your prayers.
-Tafila, Erode.

Some months ago I had a dream that somebody was throwing a big stone on our house. I woke up with a heavy bandage like headache. That day I watched your program on Angel TV and you prayed for somebody to get rid of a bandage headache. After your prayer the headache disappeared. Glory be to God.
- Margaret Pronk, Holland

Last year I was asking God to give me 20K for my Architectural review expenses and exam but God gave me Php 50,000 instead. His provision was proof that He would allow me to pass. I had to take time off work for two months but our company still compensated me. On February 7, I received the good news that I passed together with a text from one of my former bosses that he was going to reward me with Php 25,000. I thank God for His wonderful grace and also for your prayers.
- Raceli Advincula, Philippines

I wrote to you asking for pray for my husband who was unable to find a proper job. Our Lord has answered our prayers and he has blessed him with a job at Tech Mahindra. Thank you for your prayers and let all glory be to God.
- Nithya Gary, Bangalore.

I sent in an offering and asked you to pray for a good job. The same time God did a miracle. God gave me a good job as a SBI Life Insurance Advisor & today I have got 3 clients. Purely this is the grace of God. Thank and praise God for His miracle and also has helped me to realize that this is the good ground to sow.
- Selvaraj, Tirupur.

I had finished my B.E in June 2010 and 6 months later I still could not get a job, so I requested you to pray for me and I received a reply from you on 24th Sept. 2010. By the Lord’s grace I got a job in Unilever Industries Pvt. Ltd on 25th Nov 2010. Thank you for your prayers and praise be to God.
- Degal, Bangalore.

Praise the Lord. I was unemployed for 7 months. You prayed that the Lord help me get work. Jesus Ministries prayed for me earnestly. The Lord Jesus has answered our prayers. You have stayed with me as a true family in times of joy and trouble. I will start employment with a local bank, PNC, as a banker on July 25, 2011.  I am honored to be a partner of Jesus Ministries and Angel TV. I do not take my partnership lightly, but I consider it a great honor to be a partner of a ministry of true integrity. Thank you Jesus Ministries for the privilege of your humble servant service towards the work of the Lord.
- Jayanti Manigat, USA

My grand-daughter Cherubina asked you to pray that she would get the course in Pharmaceutical Science at her University. God Almighty has granted our requests. I thank God for His wonder and also thank you for your prayers.
- Hilda Ratnam, Australia.

I was watching your program on Angel TV. After you preached you requested us to keep our hand on the parts where we had pain and join with you in prayer. I had been suffering with menstrual problem for five months but when the prayer was offered, immediately I was healed. Praise be to God!
- SarojaSanmuganathan, Sri Lanka.

I sent you a prayer request regarding my employment visa. I needed to get approval before 20.11.2010. I went to bed with this heavy on my heart. When I woke the next morning I heard Sadhu’s voice talking to me, “Don’t worry. Jesus is coming close to you”. I got up surprised as I was alone in my room. Shortly after this I heard from the authorities that I had labor approval from Immigration. I know it’s God who has done this and I give Him all the glory!
- R. Suba, Dubai, UAE

I used to tell one of my friends about Jesus. She believed in Jesus but continued trusting in idols as well. One day, one of her friends told me that she was suffering from heavy abdomen pain and didn’t want to consult a doctor. When I heard this, I immediately remembered the prophecy which you said the previous day about my friend. This ensured me that this is a channel through which God is going to touch my friend. We prayed for her and she was miraculously healed. She also accepted Jesus as her personal Savior. All praise to God!
- Snowden, Sivagangai, India

I sent a prayer request for my brother's marriage. Within a week my brother’s marriage was fixed. Unfortunately due to other reasons the marriage was stopped. Our family was greatly disturbed and again sent this to you for prayer. By God’s grace, within the fixed date, a new inquiry came, everything went smooth, and on the fixed date the marriage went on well. All glory to God.
- Virgil Helena, Trichy India

I sent a prayer request and within two days I got a reply from you, I was amazed at the result of your prayers on my behalf. The issue has been resolved and I am now relieved of the mental stress. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am at awe to see how quickly the huge problem was resolved after the prayers. All glory be to God.
- Booma, USA.

I sent prayer request to you for my sight. I have been afflicted by many floaters and some flickers of light. This is due to ageing process. Thanks for your prayer; last month I went to hospital and the eye specialist examined my eyes. The doctor concluded that the retinas of both my eyes are functioning well. Praise the lord.
- Ms.Ngoh Heng Yee, Singapore.

I am thankful for all your prayers. The spine surgery was successful. By the grace of god, I am recovering fast. Thanks not only for this consoling prayer reply, but also all the past prayer requests. You had comforted me greatly. Thanking God for you and your ministries.
- Mr. Daniel Tay, Singapore.

 We are the partners of Angel TV. God did a miracle in my life through Angel TV. Since last July I have been suffering from Uterus Cervix problem. Every day I was restless and had tension. On Nov13th Saturday you spoke in Kunamakkum Anbu topic. My husband and I were watching that message. During the prayer time you prayed for those who were having problem in their Uterus. You said “Keep your hand on that part kneel down and pray with me”. My husband and I knelt down in front the TV and prayed with you. I felt that something was pushing my Uterus cervix up and down. Ever Since that day I have not had any pain in my cervix. Now I am feeling normal. Praise be to God.
- Mrs.T.Chandra, Jaipur.

I thank you for the prayers you prayed for me. Before I sent this request the doctor told me that the problem I have is life threatening. It's S.L.M. and I was very worried. After I send this request I did a blood test for Anti DS DNA and other related tests. The results were good; it is not life threatening as they believed. Once again thank you for your prayer. Praise be to God.
- G.Hamsapathy, Delhi.

I needed your prayer for my home because the landlord wanted to sell it. The landlord tried to sell it out cheaply but no one buy it. You told me that I have to believe that God sent his only son for me as a gift. He also sent this flat to me as Christmas gift. Thanks for your prayer. All praise be to God. I am doing full time ministry.
- May Chong, Hongkong.

I am Shirly from Macclesfield, UK.I have a convenience store in Macclesfield that I started on 9th Sep 2009. You prayed for my shop, and the sales reaches £2000, I gave £100 to Angel TV. In Dec’10 the sales were £2015. Thank God! I donated what I pledged to Angel TV. When I started the shop’s first sales were just £200. This is a great miracle. Praise the Lord!
- J.Shirly, UK.

I have been asking you to pray for about 2 years. I got a new job starting on 6th December that will pay me 30% more than previous salary. This will help ease a big portion of my financial burden. Praise the Lord for his goodness!
- Mr. David Thomas Doss, Malaysia

I sent a prayer request for my son who is having arthritis, you prayed and replied. When he went to the doctor for a check-up, the doctor told him that he has recovered from Arthritis. All glory be to God!
- Srilalitha Deviprasad, Bangalore

Last year in August I sent a prayer request for my marriage. God has done wonderful things in my life. My betrothal was held on 21.11.10. God has given a good life partner. Praise the Lord!
- Christina, Chennai.

I am working as a nurse in Maldives and my husband is working in a Pvt. Company. In Nov’10 I sent one thousand Indian rupees to your ministry without any expectation even though I heard so many testimonies through the TV. This January my husband had salary increment of 235 US$. It will come around ten thousands INR. I got ten times back. All glory be to God.
- Mrs.Adalinfemy, Maldives.

I had many problems in my married life so I emailed the ministry for prayer. God heard our prayers and gave me a better married life. Praise the Lord.
- Mrs. Merlin, Mumbai.

The Jebame Jeyam (1-3 Feb’11) live programme was so amazing and has changed our married life from sorrows into joy and peace. My husband did not talk with my mother for nearly 4yrs. We have been praying for the peace between both families but we know there is a time for everything. God answered and did miracle in my life as well. God saved my life. Our broken family was joined together with peace in Christ. All praise be to God!
- Mrs. Johnsi Solaman, UK

I emailed to you to pray for my dad where he had sugar more than 600 and he was going to have Angio at CMC Vellore. We got Angio result that nothing was dangerous and now he’s alright. I feel so happy to share with you about this testimony. Praise the Lord!
- Preethi Priyanka, Erode

My name is Ambily, I am 26yrs old and something was continually hindering me from being married. In Dec’10, I wrote to Iyya asking his prayer support. God heard the prayer and finalized my marriage this year itself. All praise be to God!
- Ambily Lalitha, Chennai.

I had written some days back that my marriage was getting delayed. You prayed for me and replied that my head would be lifted up among others. I got married on March 31st. Praise the Lord!
- Viji, Chennai.

My mother had a block in the heart valve. Doctors said that she had to undergo surgery. I had written a letter to you requesting prayer for my mother. The Lord heard your prayers as the same doctors examined my mother again and said there is no need of a surgery. Praise the Lord!
- Arockia Mary, Salem.

I had written a letter to you to pray for my son to get a good job. The Lord has heard your prayers and has given my son a good job. Praise the Lord.
- R.Yesudhas, K.K.Dist.

Your TV is a blessing to us. In my abdomen I had great pain in my womb. I went to the doctor, and he said that he has to cut my womb a little and send it for test to Pune. But I was watching “Gunamakkum Anbu” programme and I was healed when you prayed for the problems in the womb.
- Sasikala Shivaji Rao, Bangalore.

I had severe bleeding. I used to pray to Jesus that He would heal me and one day as I was watching
 “Gunamakkum Anbu” Programme. You prayed that all those who are having pain should be healed. I was immediately healed. Praise the Lord.
- J.Jesu Mary, Kovai.

All Angel TV programmes are superb. I am the only child to my parents. I did not get married even at the age of 33. So, I wrote a letter to you to pray for me that the Lord would grant me a husband without any bad habits. The Lord heard your prayers and has given me a good husband. Praise the Lord.
- K.Mary Christa.

Cheviot Iade, my 20 month old son had severe motions for a few days and had become weak & inactive. On 29.11.09 when I was watching Gunamakkum anbu programme, you said to place our hands on the parts of the body wherever there was sickness or any problem. I placed my hands on my child’s stomach & head and prayed for him. I prayed my child would become active again & normal. In 20 minutes I found the difference, he was normal & active again. In a few days his motion had become normal praise be to God for his marvelous deeds & miracle.
- Joyce Bensley, Erode - India

I used to watch your programmes in Angel TV.  On July 10th at 12.30pm, at that time you prayed for sick people especially for those who are suffering from Ulcer. It was really amazing God touched me and healed me from all my pain and suffering. Thanks for your prayers uncle. All glory goes to our almighty Lord Jesus.
- D. Murugesan, Salem

In the month of April’10 I wrote a letter to you Iyya stating that I returned to India from East Africa on March 12th 2010. Just I am an M.com holder looking for a lecturer job in chennai colleges, but at present the minimum qualification to get the lecturer job is M.phil. I was attending interviews in some colleges but nobody has selected to be lecturer. When I attended the interview in Vivekananda Evening College, Mylapore, the great miracle happened to me just with M.com I have selected as Assistant Professor. The salary is Rs.17, 000/- p.m. it is purely the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ and your fervent prayers for me.
- K.Gunashekar, Chennai - India

I have been married for 13 years and my husband and I have been praying for a child. We had requested Angel TV prayer team to pray for us. God is gracious and has given double blessings. It is 7 weeks past and my wife Usha is conceived by the grace of God and she is carrying Twins. God has answered our prayers. We wanted to first glorify God by sharing this good news with Angel TV. Thanks to all of you for prayers
- Venkat Daniel, New Delhi - India

My brother attended his 12th exam on 14th may 2009, but unfortunately he failed in Maths subject. While he went to check the results and came to know about his failure, he didn’t turn back home, I wrote a prayer request asking to pray for my brothers return. And also I have asked Angel TV to pray for me to get good marks in my Teacher training examination. Jesus who heard your merciful prayer brought my brother back home safely after one year and also enable me to get good marks in my exam. All praise be to God.
- Lincy, Tirunelveli.

I was watching your programme on 27/6/10 at 7.30 pm. You were praying for those who had back pain, since I too had the same problem. I also prayed along with you.  As your prayer was offered, instantly I was healed. I thank God for the divine healing.
- Innasi muthu, Thanjore.

I was suffering Nemonia fever & my lungs were filled with water in the month of February’10. I have been watching Angel TV for the past 5 months. My son Melwin wrote a letter asking Angel TV for prayer. God answered your prayers and granted me good health and now I am fine. I thank God for healing me and thank you for prayer.
- Micheal Vinnarasi, Gujarat.

I was childless for 8 years due to my Fallopian Tube was damaged. One day in the “Gunamakkum Anbu” programme, Iyya prophesized that God is touching & healing Fallopian Tube problem I also joined with Iyya in the prayer. At the same time I felt like the Electric current shock  passing thru my body. The miracle is, at the end of the same month I became pregnant. Glory to Lord.
- Shayona Manimaran, Japan.

I am Glory Dass as a family we settled in France. I was living with all evil habits and addiction of alcoholic. once I was changing the channels I tempted to watch Angel TV. In every program, I feel the God’s power is filled. Especially when I was watching “Ninaithu Parkiren” the word of God touched me and decided to fast and pray. At that time Jesus appeared in my vision, his eyes are full of love and passion which I have not even seen in my mother. Now I had delivered from all my evil habits by God’s grace and my family is happy. I thank God for Angel TV.
- Glory Dass, France.

Marriage Restored
I really appreciate your prayers for my family. My husband has agreed to stay married to me, which is a wonderful answer to prayer.
- Elizabeth Wolstencroft, Hong Kong

Preserved Lives
I wrote to you for a miracle for my niece and my mum last year. Thank you for praying for them. Through your prayers, God miraculously preserved their lives.
- Shan-mei Tseng, Taiwan

Brother Sadhu, you prayed for my mother to come out of a mental hospital and the next day she told us that a dark cloud left her mind and she was able to think clearly and wanted to come home - up to that point she did not want to come home. God is truly a prayer answering God.
- Toula Limnios, Australia

New Tenant
Some time ago I wrote a prayer request for God's guidance as I was seeking a tenant for my apartment. I would like to inform that God has indeed answered the prayer as I managed to find, with the help of an agent, a short-term tenant for the apartment within a short time. Praise God.
- Wong Chee Fatt, Singapore

Thank you very much for your email dated August 24, 2000. The prayer pacted e-mail came powerfully to us all as a family. When I received it, I went on my knees on the side of the computer in my office and prayed in agreement the same prayer you had prayed. After that I experienced peace in my troubled heart. I then carried the same email to my house and when I entered the house, my husband and the children were watching the T.V. I kindly asked them to put off the T.V. and let us join hands and repeat the prayer that you had made in agreement which we did and after which everybody commented of feeling peace in their hearts. This was the first miracle because the situation in which we were and the surrounding was such that peace was not possible. All glory and honor goes to our Father through Jesus Christ who enabled you to intercede on our behalf. As a result of that intercession I now have a small shop ( Coca-Cola Kiosk ) in a prime area. Praise the Lord!
- Theresa Alela, Kenya

Thank you for praying for my wife's heart problem. The Lord has intervened and cleared blockage in her artery and also healing haematoma from the incision site. We are very grateful. Her ear condition has improved substantially since I asked you to pray for my wife 2 years ago. We are looking forward to seeing the day of complete healing and the deliverance from this sickness.
- Christopher Yim, USA

A year ago, I wrote to you concerning drastic weight loss due to glucose intolerance. I had gained back my weight without any treatment and I believed I am healed.
- Tan Peck Bee, Singapore

I was suffering from a tumour in my brain. I participated in the Youth Conference where you were speaking. When you were praying for the sick, I too prayed much asking the Lord to heal me. Praise God, I received healing for my body. Subsequent medical check revealed no signs of tumours in my brain. I give God the glory.
- Arup Bista, Darjeeling, India

I was suffering much from arthritis and came to see you for prayers. You prayed and rebuked it. After the prayers, the swelling in my legs subsided. I praise God for the healing.
- Miss Anju Lepcha , Bombay, India


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